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LAF Technologies is a leading specialist supplier of filters and air filtration products. There are essentially three main classes of air filtration that are used in contamination control, all of which can be economically supplied and professionally installed by LAF Technologies service engineers.
filter modules Laftech
fan filter modules
hepa and ulpa filters
carbon filters
pre filters
Upon site inspection we can provide a cost effective HVAC filter solution and provide regular programmed filter schedules as required by some governing bodies. Reports include: Plant location-Plenum/duct number-Filter type with traceable part number and specifications-date last changed etc. To avoid having a plant room full of expensive filters without a determined installation location we supply straight out of our stock as your scheduled inspections demand over time. LAF Technologies can also provide an onsite NATA test and certification service for HEPA/ULPA filters in accordance with AS1807.6 & 7 (DOP test)