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Forensic Equipment

Specialist Suppliers of Forensic and Laboratory Equipment

LAF Technologies is a leading specialist supplier of forensic equipment and related products throughout Australasia. Our Air Science® forensic lab equipment helps ensure optimal accuracy and safety throughout each stage of evidence processing from the crime scene to the crime lab. For well over 15 years we have been supplying a full line of evidence drying cabinets, fingerprint fuming chambers, ninhydrin / DFO chambers, and evidence benches. In addition, we can provide mobile evidence protection and glove bags to be used onsite at a crime scene.

Our suite of forensic equipment ensures accurate, repeatable results from collection and transportation to storage and evidence processing. We provide forensic equipment for use in the field, laboratory, or law enforcement offices

LAF Technologies also offers professional onsite sterilization services at very competitive prices along with onsite installation, commissioning and professional training. The company also provides NATA testing to ISO 14644, AS 2252.2 and AS 2243.8/9.