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Handheld Particle Counters

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions make some of the world’s best and most advanced handheld particle counters. Used extensively throughout Australia and the world, they offer features and reliability unmatched in industry. Capable of counting up to 6 particle size channels simultaneously (counts & sizing) and in real-time and with some models featuring particle mass measurement capabilities (mg/m3), our latest generation of handheld particle counters are in a league of their own. LAF Technologies also offers the only low cost handheld particle counter on the market capable of measuring down to 200nm (0.2um).
You may wish to also take advantage of one of our very popular package deals where you can purchase an award winning ActiveCount Microbial Air Sampler and Lighthouse 3016 series particle counter for a great package deal price. For those interested in exposure monitoring, dust monitoring and or particle mass measurements, our 3016-IAQ model is a DUAL mode instrument, capable of operating as a 6 channel real-time particle counter and 6 channel real-time particle mass (mg/m3) measuring dust monitor. The ultimate low cost device for SO many useful applications. LAF Technologies also fully services, supports and NATA calibrates all Lighthouse particle instruments right here in Australia. Just some of the exciting monitoring applications include:
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • Monitoring data centers
  • Monitoring BSC / LAF cabinets
  • Occupational health & safety exposure studies
  • Dust monitoring
  • Smoke monitoring
  • Fine particle measurements
  • Basic aerosol research
  • Others