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Swab Drying Cabinet

The Air Science USA Safeswab™ is a special purpose evidence drying cabinet designed to safely dry swabs used to gather blood, DNA, and trace chemical evidence at crime scenes.

Part of the Safekeeper® Forensic Drying Cabinet product line, the Safeswab incorporates features that help maintain the chain of custody while ensuring accurate forensic results.

The HEPA/ ULPA main filter is formulated to contain any particulates or biological material that might be present on swabs, providing added protection for technicians during evidence processing.

  • Horizontal airflow geometry.
  • Swab holder included (15 or 30 swab capacity).
  • HEPA/ULPA main filter traps particulates and biological material.
  • Manual On/Off Fan Switch (FDC-001 only).
  • Available in tabletop or mini configurations.
  • Clear, gasket-sealed door latches securely to thoroughly contain all contaminants.
  • Effective protection to personnel from particulate hazards.
  • Controlled airflow to dry items of evidence in the cabinet.
  • Lockable doors for security.
  • Easily cleaned to protect items of evidence from cross-contamination.
  • Safe and easy to change HEPA/ULPA filters.
  • Compliant with OSHA/ANSI regulations.

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