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Particle Monitoring Systems

Continuous particle monitoring systems have been widely used throughout Australia and the world across a broad range of industries for decades now. While such systems are often found in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, laboratory and life science fields where organizations are typically using this technology to maintain GMP compliance, particle monitoring systems are being used in a much wider variety of fields, including, semi- conductor manufacturing, CD manufacturing, data centers, electronics facilities and generally anywhere monitoring clean rooms and controlled environments is desired.
LAF Technologies is a leading specialist supplier of latest generation particle and or environmental monitoring systems (EMS). From single point installations to multi-million dollar multi-site projects, our team of industry specialists can install the very latest technology and ensure your site is fully compliant, all at very competitive prices. Our state-of-the-art particle and or environmental monitoring systems are extensively used throughout Australia and the world by leading pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities, research laboratories and countless other environmental monitoring professionals.
These systems are highly reliable, flexible and are easy to use and they may be standalone or networked to other systems within a facility or across the world. SMS and email messaging is also possible along with a wide range or alarming and reporting functions. Decades of industry experience in supplying particle monitoring equipment and world class environmental monitoring systems has lead to the careful selection of only the finest system components. Once installed, our engineering staff configure these systems to meet your exact requirements. It’s this industry experience along with the our in-house configuration and validation capabilities that has elevated LAF Technologies to become Australasia’s leading specialist supplier of GMP compliant monitoring systems.