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My Fog Mist Generator

From years of direct hands-on experience in the testing and validation of classified environments, comes a mist generator that not only produces a high quality mist for testing the most demanding environments but also provides the validation technicians with an easy to use and fully accessorized unit that will significantly improve cost effectiveness.

With it’s 3.7 inch touch screen, MyFog includes an intuitive user interface that provides live diagnostics and visualization of the main operating parameters. Foremost, MyFog is the only mist generator that can be easily be used by one operator alone thanks to the standard remote control option that allows for start/stop of unit, mist intensity and mist speed adjustment.

Visualization of airflow directions in:

  • Classified environments
  • Laminar flow areas (e.g.: liquids filling machines)
  • Weighing stations (e.g.: powder weighing and sampling areas)
  • Laminar flow cabinets
  • Balancing pressures between rooms (visual indication)
  • Identification of air stagnation pockets
  • Personnel training
  • No gas supply or consumables required
  • Compact design
  • Dedicated and innovative firmware
  • Remote control, including start-stop, mist speed and intensity adjustment
  • CE mark
  • Castors available (optional)
  • Sturdy carrying case with castors for easy transport


  • 2.8” (7 cm) color TFT w/touch-screen
  • Water level visualization with status indication
  • Temperature monitoring and diagnostics with graphic visualization
  • Automatic transducers management to maximize ultrasound life span
  • Mist intensity adjustment
  • Fan speed adjustment (mist speed adjustment)
  • Quick start and stop
  • Monitoring activities: machine working hours, mist generation and functioning hours of each piezo
  • Piezo transducers diagnostics
  • Alarms diagnostics display
  • Password protected diagnostics and service menu
  • Pause mode
  • Cycle reset in case of power failure or pause mode
  • Remote control
  • Buzzer
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