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TEC AG-A1 Professional Aerosol Generator

The AG-A1 Laskin Nozzle aerosol generator is designed especially for testing of biological safety cabinets and filter systems from 500 to 5000 cfm.

The AG-A1 uses simple, easy to operate controls.  The generator utilizes 4 Laskin nozzles, which provides 10ug/l of aerosol when introduced into 5400 cfm of airflow*. This aerosol concentration is ideal for testing of HEPA and ULPA filtration systems with air volumes less than 5400 cfm.   
The AG-A1 operates on compressed air.  The cabinet is designed for protection of the controls on the front panel.  The in-line compressed air filter (water trap) is easily accessible for drainage and also is protected from damage due to the cabinet design.

The AG-A1 utilizes a collapsible handle, easy to use large fill port and sight glass for viewing the oil level.  The lightweight cabinet is also designed to protect the front panel components thus providing enhanced portability and transport.

* With 20 psi applied to the Laskin Nozzles

  • Heavy Duty Black Aluminum Case
  • Fold Down Handle
Adjustable Nozzle Pressure
  • Pressure Gauge (0-30 psi)
Accessible In-Line Water Trap
  • Large Fill Port
  • Sight Glass for Oil Level
.75″ FNPT Output w/ Adaptor
  • Cabinet Designed for Component Protection
Technical Specifications:

  • Case: Black Aluminum w/ handle
  • Size:  14″ L x 10″ W x 9″ H
  • Weight:  16.5 lbs. (7.5 kg)
  • Compressed Air:  5.5 to 11 cfm @ 20 psi
  • Reagent:  PAO or equivalent
  • Capacity:  .75 to 1 gallon
  • Testing Range:  540 – 5,400 CFM
  • Aerosol Generation:  2 or 4 Laskin nozzles
  • Aerosol Output @ 540cfm:  100 ug/l
Aerosol Output @ 5400cfm:  10ug/l

Product Brochure

User Manual


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