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OxyGenie – Mobile oxygen environment

OxyGenie is a low oxygen culture system for plant and cell biology. A miniaturized incubation platform, OxyGenie delivers researchers a small, portable and continuous physoxic (hypoxic) environment for short term physiological oxygen and temperature studies.

OxyGenie is ideal for conducting high resolution microscopy or irradiation under physiological oxygen conditions, further extending the time in which your cells can be exposed to in vivo like cell growth conditions. OxyGenie is a key tool for use in proof of concept or start-up validation for physiological cell culture within your lab, with minimal risk.

Physiological OxyGenieTM provides for a continuous, physoxic environment for your cells. It is a unique, miniaturized incubation platform designed to deliver the physiological O2 and CO2 conditions your cells require to thrive.

Precise A temperature-controlled instrument that facilitates efficient gas delivery in order to deliver the specific concentration of O2 and CO2 your research and cells require. May also be utilized in conjunction with short term studies requiring other gas-controlled culture conditions.

Portable Transport OxyGenieTM from lab to lab, floor to floor, and building to building under physoxia! OxyGenieTM provides non-disruptive culture conditions for up to 2 hours without ever having to connect the device to a power source. Ideal for conducting high resolution microscopy or irradiation studies under continuous physoxia, further expanding the time in which your cells are exposed to in vivo-like cell growth conditions.


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