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Concept 400 M

Concept 400 M Anaerobic Workstation that is tailored to interface with the Ruskinn Gas Mi / The Gas Mixer Q System.

LAFtech supply quality Anaerobic Workstation equipment and other related products Australia-wide.

The Ruskinn Concept 400 M Anaerobic Workstations complements the range of controlled environment solutions available from our Australian laboratory and filtration products company.

With a working capacity of 500 plates, the Concept 400M incorporates all of the familiar and proven features of the Concept 400, but it is tailored to interface with the Ruskinn Gas Mi.

The Gas Mixer Q System provides accurate control over O2 (0.1% – 20.9% in 0.1% increments) and CO2 (0% – 30% in 0.1% increments).

The Concept 400M more than meets the needs of most hospital and anaerobic microbiology laboratories. Providing a perfect combination of capacity, speed and innovation, the Concept 400M delivers simple sophistication and new levels of comfort and convenience.

The Concept 400M provides microbiologists with high quality incubation conditions combined with ease of use. Taking just 45 seconds to transfer up to 39 plates this rapid interlock ensure that you continue to guarantee the best isolation rates for your cultures. The workstation includes a host of innovative features to provide an affordable and convenient system for microaerophilic incubation.

Laftech Microbiology Anaerobic WorkstationsControlled Environment Ruskinn Concept 400 M Anaerobic Workstations Equipment Supplier / Anaerobic Workstation Suppliers Australia.

Concept 400 M Features and Benefits:

  • 45 Seconds Interlock Cycle Time for rapid transfer of up to 26 plates (90 mm)
  • Manual Interlock Outer Door Operation for simple front-loading access
  • Minimum / Maximum Incubation Temperature – ambient +5°C to 45°C
  • 4 Gas Operation; H2/N2, CO2, N2, Air for low gas consumption and running costs
  • Workstation Fabrication is solvent bonded acrylic for optimum cell environment.
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