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SCI-tive Dual

SCI-tive Dual Stem Cell Investigation Dual Chamber Hypoxia Workstation.

LAFtech supply quality stem cell investigations equipment and other related products Australia-wide.

Ruskinn SCI-tive Dual Hypoxia Workstations complement the range of controlled environment solutions available from our Australian laboratory and filtration products company.

SCI-tive Dual is a closed, continuous cell culture system providing in vivo conditions for a variety of tissue and cell culture methodologies with advanced imaging technologies.

LAFtech SCI-tive Dual Hypoxia WorkstationsControlled Environment Stem Cell Investigation Equipment Supplier / Ruskinn Hypoxia Workstation Suppliers Australia.

The SCI-tive Dual Features:

  • Complete ‘Lab in a Box’ – Dual Chamber Workstation with ample space for cell, tissue and stem cell culture and imaging, Both chambers are linked by a common Interlock. Both chambers have individually controlled atmospheres.
  • Microscope Ready – Each SCI-tive® Dual is bespoke, ready to accept a range of digital stereo microscopes (left chamber) and inverted optical and atomic force microscopes (right chamber). An active anti-vibration platform is incorporated into the right hand chamber.
  • Cellular Stress-Free Environment – Now cell biologists can work in two chambers with differing ‘In vivo’ conditions. Each chamber has stable O2, CO2, temperature and humidity for cell passaging, experiment preparation, imaging preparation and cell imaging.
  • Direct-Hand Access into both Chambers – Direct hand entry via Ruskinn’s Ezee Pleeze™ cuff and sleeve system. There are options for direct ocular access for inverted optical microscopy.
  • HEPA filtration create a biologically safe working environment – Both chambers equipped with HEPA and VOC filtration to comply with ISO 14644-1 Class 5, FED 209E Class 100, EU TCD 2004/23/EU Grade B.
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