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Lighthouse ActiveCount 100H Microbial Air Sampler

The ActiveCount 100H is a high performance portable active air sampler suitable for use in cleanrooms and aseptic environments. The ActiveCount100H is truly ISO 14698 compliant with a d50 collection efficiency of 1 micron and HEPA filtered exhaust ports designed to avoid re-aspiration of sampled air.

The ActiveCount 100H incorporates a self-adjusting flow control to ensure accurate sampling as well as continuous & periodic sampling modes for optimum sampling flexibility. The autoclavable impactor head, dust cover and removable base plate together with a sanatizable stainless steel enclosure and HEPA filtered exhaust; ensure ActiveCount100H will not contaminate your critical environments.

The optional remote sample head minimizes disturbance of unidirectional airflow within a BSC or laminar flow bench and the gas sample option provides the versatility needed to accomplish all your critical sampling requirements.

  • 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) color touch screen
  • Fully ISO 14698-1 compliant
  • HEPA filtered exhaust
  • 8 programmable sampling volumes
  • 50 programmable user names
  • 400 programmable location names
  • Flow rate alarming
  • Data logging to USB flash drive
  • Password security for sample settings
  • Autoclavable sampling head and dust cover
  • Removable autoclavable magnetic base plate
  • 24 VAC adapter or internal battery 10 hours normal use
  • Continuous, Periodic and Gas sampling modes
  • Wipedownable and suitable for sterile conditions
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ActiveCount25H Most Awarded Viable Air Sampler (2019)

Introduction to Viable Sampling

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