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UV-STICK Portable Germicidal

UV STICK E2/75H-ST-NX-NT is a commercial grade dual lamp germicidal device with control timer panel and four wheels for easy mobility. It works on the principal of direct radiation at 360 degrees and sterilizes irradiated air and surfaces. The UV-C lamps, with emission peak at 253.7 nm (nanometres), have a strong germicidal effect against micro-organisms (moulds, bacteria and viruses). UV-STICK can be operated within many target zone environments to achieve a deep disinfection of air and surfaces.

UV-STICK provides deep air and surface disinfection in any type of healthcare and pharmaceutical environment. Traditional cleaning methods alone are at times often not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene. The process of disinfection can be greatly improved by introducing the use of UV-C technology.

In the health and pharmaceutical sector, all critical environments need to be disinfected to meet regulatory hygiene standards. With UV-STICK, it is possible to perform a deeper disinfection of all room site locations, in a simple, immediate and safe way, without developing heat, without using liquids and without any contraindications or resistance.

In little time the disinfection level of UV-STICK can achieve a reduction of over 99.9% on live bacteria strains such as Bacillus, Coli, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus etc. A higher level of disinfection can be achieved depending on surfaces and extended cycle times selected by the operator.

Thanks to natural air circulation, even microbes located in hidden areas are continually drawn towards the irradiated area, so that their overall level progressively decreases. In which to avoid exposure to harmful UV-C rays, the operation of UV-STICK is permitted only in the absence of personnel and only by facility trained and authorised operators.

UV-STICK is a direct Irradiation product, personnel-individuals must not be present during operation.


Light in a broad sense can be divided. Visible infra-red and ultraviolet rays.

Ultra-violet rays (invisible) can be classified in:

  • UV A (with tanning properties)
  • UV B (with therapeutic properties)
  • UV C (with germicidal properties)

UV-C technology is a physic disinfection method with an optimal cost/benefit ratio, it’s ecological and unlike chemicals it works against every micro organism without creating any resistance. No nasty chemicals.

Designed to improve Hygiene and Safety, typical operation would be post routine cleaning disinfection, post risk of Bio-contamination, post risk of cross contamination.

The dedicated control unit is equipped with two timers to manage a start delay and treatment duration. 360 degree IR Motion sensor option available for automatic deactivation in the event of unsafe entry by personnel-individuals into to the UV-C active environment.


Treatment by UV-C rays is purely physical, achieving the same repeatable efficacy results. Many alternate methods of chemical treatment involve the use of dangerous toxic products, harmful for the environment, and difficult to biodegrade. Over use of chemicals alone can assist developed resistant microbial forms with consequent danger to human health.


This device can be switched on continuously without people-individuals being present (i.e. during the night for 2-3 hours). The disinfection of air, equipment, furniture and fittings contained inside the activated room allows re-entry back into ideal hygienic conditions. The continued reduction of microbial load in one site is now maintained and further assured.


Treatment is immediate and always ready to utilise. Maintenance is minimal with low costs of both energy consumption and ongoing service.


Effective treatment (99.9% bacteria reduction) takes just a few minutes.


With special UVLON® protection and Stainless-steel protective grills, there is no danger of glass fragments dispersion resulting from any breakage of UV-C lamps.

  • 2 x 75Watt UV-C Progress selective lamps (emission peak 253.7 nm.)
  • high output, ozone free, ultra-pure quartz ≤ 18,000.00 Lifetime (70%)
  • With special UVLON® protection
  • Dimensions: 1420 x 404 x 336
  • Weight: 15 Kg
  • Power: 220-240V / 50Hz /150W
  • Stainless steel body AISI 304
  • Waterproof and dust-proof (IP 55).
  • Control Console (IP 20) grounded.
  • Powered with electronic ballasts specific for UV-C lamps
  • Reflector in extremely pure mirror bright aluminium.
  • Direct protection of the lamp with a stainless-steel grid
  • CE mark (LVD – EMC – MD – RoHS).
  • 12-month Warranty

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