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UV-FLOW Germicidal

AIR Disinfection : Upper Air UVC Germicidal Treatment

UV-FLOW is a high output UV-C ultraviolet germicidal device with unidirectional flow.

The UV-FLOW is used for creating high room zone continuous UVC protection barrier for treatment of air upper layers in the environment within just about any type of inside space.

The use of UV-FLOW allows for intensive upper air zone disinfection. Airborne Virus and Bacteria that freely circulate within indoor environments, are destroyed by the high level Unidirectional Output of UV-C rays; Improving indoor Air Quality this methodology greatly assists removing the possibility that these live micro-organisms may settle on high touch surfaces and or be transmitted via delivery of airborne, aerosolised contaminants.

Traditional cleaning methods and facility air filtration alone are often not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene. UVC technology can add terrific benefit to facility hygiene, comfort and work place sanitation regimes.

UV FLOW, air purification device can be safely operated 24/7 without contraindications, Germicidal rays are emitted at high level, across room zone ceiling spaces, thus ensuring the complete safety and comfort to occupants.

UV-FLOW series air cleaners exploit the properties of germicidal ultraviolet light. UV-C with peak emission at 254 nanometres. Germicidal Ultra Violet irradiation has a proven, strong germicidal effect against micro-organisms (moulds, bacteria and viruses). The possibility to continuously operate the UV FLOW 24/7 allows for “air washing” – the ability to continuously clean the flow of air in the room. From the start of the operation, a significant reduction in contaminants is achieved right down to continued, further negligible reductions of microbial residue present in the target room zone.

UV FLOW is a versatile Upper Air Germicidal Device. Cost effective, simple to install and operate within just about any indoor environment. Aged Care Facilities;

  • Hospitals, ICUs, Maternity wards, Surgical units
  • Medical and Dental clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Offices complex
  • Restaurants and Hospitality venues,
  • Educational facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Shopping centres

UV-LOW can also be used and highly effective in the food production, catering and packaging sectors, where mould and bacteria are best removed from the air, allowing for longer and healthier preservation of products.

PHYSICAL ACTION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Treatment by UV-C rays is purely physical, and achieves the same effect every time; with no continuous after effects. Unlike, many methods of chemical treatment which involve the use of dangerous products for the environment and are difficult to biodegrade, as well as carrying the risk of contamination of foodstuffs. Also, by the use of chemicals alone it is possible to develop resistant microbial forms with consequent danger to human health.

TOTAL SAFETY Ultraviolet rays are confined to high level room zone when installed in the correct manner. Therefore, facility air volume can be treated when operators are present. Operators and human traffic represent a high level of cross contamination by introducing the majority of the germs through respiration, transpiration, clothing, etc.

BEST QUALITY AIR This system can remain actively switched ON with the active without any danger, contraindications for people. The level of environmental microbial load is thus maintained at a constant low, reduced level and “indoor air” quality (IAQ) is improved, as prescribed and recommended by W.H.O. (World Health Organization)

PRACTICABILITY AND SAVINGS The treatment is immediate and ready for use. Low costs associated with both energy consumption and limited maintenance required. STOP CROSS CONTAMINATION The contamination of one area may spread to another through air conditioning systems. UV-C devices can assist to prevent the spread of Airborne infection throughout facilities


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