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UltraV 100 Dosimeters

As more facilities expand their use of UV-C disinfection systems, it’s important to validate that surfaces and equipment have received an adequate dose of germicidal irradiation and to demonstrate the safe use of UV-C to staff, patients, visitors and the general public.

LAF Technologies helps make the success of UV-C disinfection visible with its two types of UVC dosimeters: the UltraV™ 100 which is used primarily for room UV-C disinfection systems and the UltraV™ 1000 that is designed for close-proximity decontamination of objects, such as N95 masks which require a higher dose of UVGI.

UV-C irradiation has been a trusted method of disinfection for more than 100 years. At Intellego, we are proud to provide UV-C manufacturers and Healthcare facilities with these tools to optimize and visualize the success of UVGI.

UltraV™100 UVC Dosimeters are calibrated to indicate color changes up to 100 mJ/cm² and are used in conjunction with leading UVC room disinfection systems. When UltraV™ 100 UVC Dosimeters are exposed to ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, the yellow indicator changes to orange and deep pink, which has been correlated to an accumulated dose sufficient to kill MRSA and C. Diff, respectively. See resources for more info.

UltraV™ 100 UVC Dosimeters available as 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards and 1″ dots with adhesive backings. The products can be used during each UV-C disinfection cycle to help technicians visually validate that surfaces and equipment have received an optimal dose of UV-C energy. An UltraV™ 100 Color Reference Chart is provided to demonstrate the color changes associated with 25, 50, 75 and 100 mJ/cm².

Facts about UltraV™ Dosimeters

  • Patented photochromatic ink changes color to indicate the level of UVC irradiation on surfaces
  • Able to measure specific wavelengths of UVC radiation
  • Can be correlated with a log reduction of microbiology samples e.g. MRSA and C.diff.
  • Proven functionality through hospital and lab testing
  • Can be customized to change color at specific energy levels
  • Developed, tested, approved and manufactured in Sweden
  • Tested for functionality at Swedish Technical Research Institute (RISE)
  • Recommended for use every time a UVC disinfection cycle is run
  • With regular use, UVC Dosimeters can help hospital facilities recognize when it’s time to replace UV-C bulbs.

In Practice Intellego’s UltraV™ Dosimeters are the #1 colorimetric indicator in world. Trusted and utilized by leading UV-C manufacturers and healthcare facilities around the globe, the UltraV™ Dosimeters are an integral component of effective UV-C disinfection and contribute to healthier, safer environments for patients and staff.

Leading researchers, epidemiologists and infection prevention groups support the use of colorimetric UVC dosimeters to ensure surfaces are receiving an effective dose germicidal ultraviolet irradiation. Our supplier, Intellego Technologies is a recipient of the C. Diff Foundation’s 2020 “Making a Difference” award for Innovations in Infection Prevention.

uvc dose indicator

Intellego Technologies’ UVC Dosimeters give you a fast, easy and effective way to validate that surfaces have been properly been disinfected. The indicator shows the amount of UVC radiation exposure in a specific spot, through a color change which occurs at a precise energy level. The color change from yellow to orange to pink can be correlated to a log reduction of microbiology samples e.g. MRSA and C.diff.

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