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Safemate ECO Plus Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinets

Australian Biosafety Cabinet Specially Designed and Manufactured to meet Australian Standard 2252.2

With decades of experience and thousands of biological safety cabinets in the field, LAF technologies offers some of the most reliable and technically advanced biological safety cabinets on the market. Countless organizations have now standardized on our cabinets due to their unmatched quality and reliability.

GREEN EVOLUTION IMPROVED Safemate ECO Plus Class II (Type A2) Biological Safety Cabinet Series further improves the best selling Safemate ECO series by utilising a new more efficient motor blower technology & implementing a streamlined design that makes it even more user-friendly.

The Safemate ECO+ Series Features;

  • Air/aerosol tight electrical sliding sash with exclusive “yzy” movement
  • Sloped front for the most comfortable access
  • Single piece fluid retaining work surface
  • Quiet operation <65dB(A)
  • Microprocessor with Digital Display
  • Full range of accessories for the right solution to specific requirements
  • Microprocessor controlled DC motor blower enhances energy efficiency, reducing operating costs
  • ECO Mode. Reduces the speed of the motor blower in order to minimize power consumption and noise while keeping the work area clean. This is ideal if
  • you need to leave the cabinet on during the night or between working shifts.
  • Fully compliant with the AS2252.2 safety standard
  • Available in 0.9 m, 1.2 m 1.5 m & 1.8 m cabinet widths
  • Fully stainless steel working area
  • Sloping front aperture to maximise user comfort
  • Tool-less front window cleaning. No tools are required to perform this routine cleaning operation.
  • Fully compatible with hydrogen peroxide vapours sterilization

Your Safety is our Commitment No compromise for Operator, Product and Environment. Protection guaranteed as required by AS 2252.2, EN 12469 and NSF 49 standards

Mechanical and functional specifications

  • Manufactured and designed to comply with AS2252.2
  • Microprocessor controlled DC motor blower, with volumetric sensor for exhausted air flow monitoring

State of the art Microprocessor control system offering:

  • Large screen monitor.
  • Automatic control of preset airflow volumes.
  • Sliding sash window with smart control.
  • Permanent monitoring of HEPA filters life span.
  • Alarms. Multilevel alarms, with redundancy functions.
  • Permanent display of working conditions.
  • Highest air flow stability both in case of transitional disturbances or to progressive filter clogging
  • Continuous monitoring of front barrier air flow for the highest operator safety
  • Low barrier alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • 5° Sloped front design for the highest operational comfort.
  • Sloped back side of the working chamber for the best down flow distribution (cabinet carcass EN12298 tested and certified for air tightness)
  • Utilities inlets from the top of the cabinet.
  • Stainless Steel internal surfaces with SB finishing (including spillage tray).
  • Single piece fluid retaining worksurface with comfort designed front grill.
  • Electrically operated sliding multilayer safety glass window
  • Comfortable 20cm front opening
  • Easy to install retrofit options.
  • Comfortable lateral side windows
  • Exposed exhaust HEPA filter for easy visual integrity check.
  • H14 class High Efficiency Particulate Air filters with micromesh membrane
  • 99.999% efficiency on 3micron particles (most penetrating particle diameter) (Efficiency >= 99.995% on 0.1-0.2 micron particles MPPS as per EN1822-1)
  • ISO 3 (ISO14644-1) internal cleanliness level.
  • Key operated.
  • Self-calibration cycle performed when cabinet is switched on.
  • Visual display of SAFE conditions.
  • Soft touch control with keys for standard service utilities.
  • Interconnected UV and fluorescent lights.


  • Front grille with anti-obstruction “V” design. This special front grille design guarantees that the air flow of the front barrier, primary containment and protection mechanism of the cabin, is not obstructed during the use of the latter as prescribed by the reference standard EN12469:2000, even without the use of uncomfortable armrests. This feature ensures the operational safety of the machine over the entire length of the work area without sacrificing comfort.
  • Active control system of the tension of the front glass handling belts. This mechanism prevents the unrolling of the front glass support belts in case of obstruction to the movement of the glass, thus ensuring that accidental falls do not occur and reducing the risk of crushing during handling.
  • Front gasket and sealed closing mechanism. The special front glass moving mechanism allows the allows the complete sealing of the working area when in closed position. This ensures a cleaner work area when the machine is closed and reduces air leakage risks from the front glass when in operating position.
  • ECO Mode. By engaging the ECO Mode the cabinet will lower the front sash and reduce the speed of the motor blower in order to minimize power consumption and noise while keeping the work area clean. This is ideal if you need to leave the cabinet on during the night or between working shifts.
ModelSafemate ECO+ 0.9Safemate ECO+ 1.2Safemate ECO+ 1.5Safemate ECO+ 1.8
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm1075 x 795 x 14501380 x 795 x 14501685 x 795 x 14501990 x 795 x 1450
Internal dimensions (LxWxH) mm925 x 580 x 7001230 x 580 x 7001530 x 580 x 7001840 x 580 x 700
Weight Kg210240280345
Front aperature mm200200200200

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