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Safemate Eco Class 1 Biological Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinet for personnel and environment protection against biohazard risks, bench top model, classified class I. The S@feMate ECO One brings all the technology of EuroClone S@feMate ECO cabinets to Class I safety equipment. With their Electronically Controlled motorblower and the electrically operated front sash they join modern technology and comfort, providing the best experience for operators.

  • AISI 304 S.S. work chamber,
  • Epoxy-coated exterior
  • Electrical sliding front window with anti-bracking safety device (5° sloped)
  • Inward air barrier average air speed 0.75-1m/s
  • 254nm UV lamp built-in
  • Optical and audible warning alarms
  • External body structure in carbon steel, epoxy coated
  • Internal work chamber in stainless steel AISI 304 with 2B finishing.
  • Front safety glass, 6 mm thick, sliding type, with acoustic alarm for incorrect position.
  • One H14 filter (HEPA) on the exhaust, filter change from the front of the cabinet for maintenance, >99,995% efficiency on MPPS (as per EN1822-1).
  • Filter seals under negative pressure
  • Dynamic tightness plenum
  • One integral motor blower with Electronic Control and digital inverter to provide optimal performance with reduced power requirements
  • Two fluorescent lights 30 W each outside the working chamber
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