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Portable Compliant Isolators (P.C.I)

Our PCI glove box isolators are designed to provide a physical barrier between the technician and a work process.

LAF Technologies is a leading specialist supplier of high quality barrier isolators and related contamination control products. The Portable Compliant Isolator (P.C.I) is a small portable glove box that is increasingly being used throughout all sectors and has a significant role in infection control on hospital wards, clinical trials, gene therapy, monoclonal antibody preparation (MABS), chemotherapy reconstitution, military medical use within field hospitals in Iraq & Afghanistan, mobile laboratories, suspect mail & white powder attacks, laboratory and in the field PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

The Portable Compliant Isolator (P.C.I) is a small portable glove box capable of operating in both type 1 (positive pressure) and type 2 (negative pressure) modes. In addition to being a fully compliant isolator, the P.C.I can also operate as a fully compliant Class 3 Microbiological Safety Cabinet, with only its exhaust fan running. This highly transportable isolator is designed for use on hospital wards, when access to the central aseptic suite is not available. As such, it is portable with internal batteries that sustain operation without the need for access to power sockets.

Purpose designed to meet all international standards for microbiological safety cabinets and isolators, the unit offers complete protection from any surface or airborne contaminants, whether microbial or toxic. Unlike an open fronted safety cabinet, the P.C.I is a barrier system that does not rely on airflow to provide protection. This provides a greater level of safety that can be reliably used up to the most hazardous category (CAT 4) of pathogen.

LAF Technologies is the exclusive Australian distributors for Quantum Air Technology and their isolator range.

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