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Embryosafe i-REF Professional IVF Cabinets

IVF Cabinet Embryosafe i-REF Biological Safety Cabinets

LAFtech supply IVF Cabinet Embryosafe i-REF Biological Safety Cabinets, Embryosafe 100 laminar flow IVF Cabinets and other related contamination control equipment products Australia-wide.

EuroClone Embryosafe i-REF Series workstations are dedicated to IVF techniques. Temperature, humidity and CO2 concentrations control together with an aseptic working conditions environment are key factors for a successful and reliable process. For the most demanding applications a biohazard environment is required.

EuroClone is proud to introduce the New Embryosafe i-REF a high retention efficiency recirculating cabinet engineered according to the EN12469:2000 European Standard for Microbiological Safety Cabinets, that offers Product, Operator and Environment Protection with the plus of a working environment dedicated to human Assisted Reproduction Technique.

EuroClone Embryosafe Series is also available as vertical laminar air flow recirculating version for ART techniques. For more information about Embryosafe i-REF Biological Safety Cabinets > Download 9.66 MB < the Laftech Embryosafe IVF Cabinets brochure.

Formerly known as Bio-Cabinets, the laboratory equipment and related products division of LAF Technologies Pty Ltd is the place to shop for IVF Cabinets used for human assisted reproduction techniques and other controlled environment solutions.

LAFtech is the exclusive Australian distributor for Embryosafe IVF Cabinets products and the authorised exclusive agents for EuroClone Bioair. We distribute and service Embryosafe i-REF cabinets in Australia. Call us now 1300 306 002.

LAFtech IVF Cabinets – Controlled environment solutions for human assisted reproduction techniques / EuroClone BioAir Embryosafe i-REF Biological Safety IVF Cabinet Suppliers Australia.

Embryosafe i-REF Workstations, are designed according to EN 12469:2000 European Standard for Microbiological Safety Cabinets. They are equipped with two HEPA H14 Class Filters with 99.995% overall collection efficiency on 0.1-0.2 μm (MPPS) [EN1822-1 tested and certified] and provide partial recirculation (70% re-circulates through main HEPA H14 filter; 30% exhausts through the exhaust HEPA H14 filter) to ensure Product, Operator and Environment protection against microbiological contamination that may occur during ART protocols. They also guarantee ISO 5 (according to ISO 14644-1 Standard) / Class 100 (according to FED Std 209 E) working environment cleanliness. Microprocessor controlled vane anemometer continuously monitors the cabinet airflows to ensure a front barrier air speed > 0.5 m/s (retention efficiency guaranteed according to EN 12469:2000 Standard) and an average down flow speed of 0,4 m/s.


  • Choice of microscopes to be built in.
  • Unique removable working surface for easy maintenance and microscope replacement.
  • Positioning of microscopes on left side or right side (or both in 1.8 size, if required).
  • Internal Chamber and work surface completely made in AISI 304 stainless steel with 2B finishing for the easy cleaning and sanitation.
  • 6 mm safety glass front sash and lateral sides offer great luminosity and clean ability.
  • ThermoHeat Technology – based heated built-in work surface(s).
  • ThermoHeat Technology – based heated built-in sample glass stage(s).
  • Gassing Flowmeter(s) [number and placement depends on type of workstation].
  • Electrical Socket(s) [number and placement depends on type of workstation].
  • HRE Technology ensuring retention at front aperture (APF) ≥ 105 (EN12469:2000).


  • ThermoHeat Technology is EuroClone exclusive heating technology based on an inert polymer heating matrix derived from aerospace applications.

It ensures uniform heating without thermal shocks and overshooting even when colder items are placed on the warm area. A redundant system of temperature sensors in conjunction with a specifically developed control unit based on PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) self-tuning technology offers optimised and extremely accurate temperature controlled performances of the heated built-in surfaces at a specified set point (temperature accuracy – overall variation ± 0.4°C).

  • The heated area is clearly marked to ensure the most comfortable working conditions.


  • Based on ThermoHeat Technology with PID control unit, the built-in heated glass stage offers stable temperature conditions for the embryos also during microscope observation.


  • Main Control Board
  • High resolution LCD display.
  • Permanent display of working conditions.
  • Continuous monitoring of front barrier airflow for the highest operator safety.
  • Multilevel Alarms (visual and acoustic) with redundancy functions.
  • Permanent Monitoring of HEPA H14 filters life span.
  • Fully automatic UV-Light Cycle programming and control (if UV light installed).
  • Main switch for warming surface(s) / glass sample stage(s).
  • Fluorescent lamp main switch.
  • Electrical socket(s) main switch.
  • Temperature & Microscope Control Boards
  • Ergonomically integrated into the work surface for the most comfortable operations.
  • Large LED screen offers prompt and clearly visible current temperature value.
  • Remote controls for microscope: on/off switch, brightness and contrast knobs.


  • UV-Light installed on the back wall of the cabinet.
  • Fully programmable (timers) from the main control panel.
  • Interlocked with the front closing panel (included) for maximum operator safety.

Integrated LCD Monitor

  • 19” LCD Monitor built-in on the back wall of the cabinet and protected by an easily cleanable safety glare-free glass cover.
  • Monitor housing is designed to avoid any airflow disturbance.
  • Offers connectivity to microscope camera(s) (number of cameras depends on workstation type) and / or external PC (via USB ports).

Integrated Co2 Incubator

  • Embryosafe i-REF series can be provided with a dedicated housing for Micro CO2 incubators that allows optimal working conditions inside the cabinet providing ready at hand samples and reducing access to large CO2 incubators in the laboratory.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSEmbryosafe i-REF 1.2Embryosafe i-REF 1.8
WorkplacesOneOne or Two
MicroscopesOneOne or Two
Heated Built-in Work Surface and Glass Sample Stage (ThermoHeat Technology)OneOne or Two
Temperature accuracy - overall variation± 0.4°C± 0.4°C
Retention at front aperture (Apf) (*)≥105≥105
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH mm)1380x860x14501990x840x1450
Internal Dimensions (WxDxH mm)1320x650x7301930x650x730
Noise Level d(B)A (*)≤ 57≤ 57
Lighting Lux> 1200> 1200
Power supply single phase220/230V - 50/60Hz220/230V - 50/60Hz
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