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Aura Mini Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets

AURA Mini laminar downflow workstation cabinet.

No compromise when space is at a premium. LAFtech supply quality Aura Mini Laminar Flow Cabinet equipment and other related products Australia-wide.

EuroClone Aura Mini Laminar Flow Cabinets complement the range of controlled environment solutions available from our Australian laboratory and filtration products company.

Aura Mini is a partially recirculating downflow cabinet with air being filtered by an HEPA (H14) filter with 99.995% overall collection efficiency on 0.1 – 0,2 m particles (MPPS), before entering the work area at a speed of 0.45 m/sec; this ensures a Class 100 (FED STD 209E) – ISO 5 (ISO 14644-1 Standard) environment throughout the work area.

Two configurations are available: INWARD air barrier and OUTWARD air barrier, that can be easily chosen by a simple mechanical operation.

INWARD air barrier. In this configuration an air barrier is pulled through the front opening and recirculated with the downflow air by a motorblower. 70% of the air is returned to the work area through the main HEPA (H14) filter and 30% is exhausted into the environment through a Filtrete® airfilter with gravimetric efficiency of 99% on 3 m particles. In this configuration an excellent product protection is ensured, as well as an outstanding containment.

OUTWARD air barrier. In this case the air is pulled through the Filtrete® airfilter, mixed with the incoming recirculating air and then filtered through the main HEPA (H14) filter into the work area. Here 30% of the air is exhausted through the front opening and 70% is recirculated. This configuration ensures the highest product protection.

For more information about Aura Mini specifications and available accessories > Download 996.58 KB < the Laftech Aura Mini laminar downflow workstation cabinet brochure.

LAF Technologies Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian distributor for Aura Mini EuroClone – BioAir laminar downflow workstation cabinet products and the authorised exclusive agents for EuroClone – BioAir. We distribute and service Aura Mini laminar flow cabinets in Australia.

LAFtech Aura Mini Laminar Downflow Workstation Cabinets – Controlled Environment Laminar Flow Equipment Supplier / EuroClone Aura Mini Laminar Flow Cabinet Suppliers Australia.

  • Removable perforated work surface and back wall of the work chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Front and side panels in tempered glass
  • Hinged front window
  • Centrifugal Motorblower
  • Soft-touch keys on the control panel provide control of fan and fluorescent lamps lighting
  • Elapsed time-meter for HEPA filter
  • UV socket
  • UV lamp as option.
Work chamber dimensions (W x D x H) mm750 x 430 x 480
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) mm820 x 580 x 790
Height on stand mm1620
Front opening height mm180
Weight Kg55
Power supply220/240 V - 50 Hz
Power W200
Noise level dB(A)< 52
Lighting lux1200
  • Assembly of optical and electronic components
  • Molecular biology and PCR application
  • Food industry
  • Cell culture
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