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UV-STYLO-F Germicidal

Disinfection for small spaces: UV-STYLO-F UV-STYLO-F UV-STYLO-F by Light Progress is an ideal device for disinfection within tiny spaces. It is perfect for new or retrofit applications, and is suitable for mounting into small ducting, containers, and conveyor belts.

The UV-STYLO-F works by treating the air or surface that it is exposed to with a constant high dosage of UVC light of 253.7 nanometres wavelength. This process creates a UV-C barrier that inhibits the proliferation of viruses, bacteria, moulds, and spores. Such pathogens are common within HVAC air conditioning ducting, and in containers and on conveyor belts.

Validation Germicidal Ultraviolet irradiation has a proven, strong germicidal effect against micro-organisms (moulds, bacteria, and viruses). In controlled testing environments, UVC usage has shown reductions of over 99.9% on live bacteria strains such as Bacillus, Coli, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus etc.

The concept and the effectiveness of it has been well documented by ASHRAE and others.

Traditional cleaning methods With air application, filtration has been the standard approach although most will prove to be inadequate against these pathogens given that the pathogens tend to be smaller than 0.3µm in size. For surface cleaning, chemicals have been used but may not always deliver the level of disinfection needed. Furthermore, the use of chemicals can leave behind residue which may be harmful to human health.

Using Ultraviolet UVC light for disinfection allows for a constant high level of disinfection and at the same time not leave behind any harmful residues.

Operation of UV-STYLO-F The UV-STYLO-F is designed to be mounted from the side of the installation. The UV lamp itself will be protruding fully into the installation. All wiring can be done from the external without having the need for access into the duct or container.

As the UV-STYLO-F is mounted inside the ducting/container and no occupants is exposed to the UV light, it can operate 24/7 if necessary, to provide a higher level of disinfection.

No Ozone The use of UVC light in the 253.7 nanometres wavelength means there is no ozone produced. This is particularly important as ozone is hazardous to humans.

Applications This UV-STYLO-F can be used for germicidal disinfection in HVAC systems as well as in the food processing industry. This includes: HVAC air conditioning and ventilation ducting. Industrial containers and conveyor belts.


Key Benefits of UV-STYLO-F


  • Treatment by UV-C rays is purely physical without the use of any chemicals.
  • Results are consistent as microorganisms do not develop resistant to UV light.
  • No residual effects, therefore, no long-term contamination.


  • With the UVLON® protection special coating, there is no risk of dispersion of glass fragments resulting from any breakage of UV-C tubes.
  • Foods and their containers can be treated to significantly reduce the level of microbial load, increasing the shelf-life of the products, without any contraindication.


  • Replacement of UV lamps can be done externally without having to access inside the ducting or container.
  • A high level of disinfection can be achieved within a short period of time.


  • The treatment is immediate and ready for use. The maintenance is minimal with low costs of both energy consumption and maintenance.
  • Different sized units are available to suit different installations.
Average Lamp Lifetime (hour)*≤ 18,000≤ 18,000≤ 18,000≤ 18,000≤ 18,000≤ 18,000
Total Consumption (W)1116356090120
“A” Dimensions (mm)2293054335808911171
Weight (Kg)0.350.500.700.801.101.40
Replacement LampGH2-11WGH3-16WGH4-40WHGH6-60WHGH9-90WHGH11-120W

* continuous operation

  • Highly efficient selective UV-C lamp (at 253.7 nm), pure quartz.
  • Flange in AISI 304 Stainless steel.
  • All used materials are tested to resist intense UV-C rays.
  • Timer for treatment duration programming.
  • Ingress protection IP67.
  • Powered by electronic ballasts specific for UV-C ray lamps.
  • UVLON PIPE protection sheath against projections of glass fragments (optional).
  • CE mark (LVD – EMC – MD – RoHS).
  • Complies with the noise standards of Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Values measured according to UNI EN ISO 3746.
  • Non-detectable and non-transmissible vibration values.
  • Suitable for class 1 installations – protected areas.

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