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The LAF Technologies Advantage

The big difference between LAF Technologies and many other suppliers in industry is that we pride ourselves on quality, constant improvement and accreditation. The company is fully ISO 9001 quality accredited, Eco warranty accredited (environmental management standards) and is NATA accredited to ISO 17025. We also maintain state-of-the-art service facilities and calibration laboratories which are NATA / ISO21501 accredited for the calibration of optical particle counters. Additionally, the company services and calibrates a wide variety of specialist systems and instruments across a diverse number of fields.


Testing & Certification Services

Another bonus for our clients and significant advantage LAF Technologies offers over comparable companies, is the fact that LAF Technologies also operates a NATA accredited National Test & Certification division of which conducts thousands of tests annually across Australasia, certifying equipment and controlled environments to comply with specific Australian standards. Some of these tests include, however are not limited to:

Australian Standard AS1807

  • (TEST) Air velocity and uniformity – cabinets
  • (TEST) Air velocity and uniformity – clean rooms
  • (TEST) Work zone integrity
  • (TEST) HEPA filter installation integrity – terminal type
  • (TEST) HEPA filter installation integrity – non-terminal
  • (TEST) Particle count in work zone
  • (TEST) Room air pressure
  • (TEST) Illuminance
  • (TEST) Sound level in Cleanrooms
  • (TEST) Sound level at installed workstations
  • (TEST) Inward air velocity – Class I cabinets
  • (TEST) Air barrier containment – safety cabinets
  • (TEST) UV intensity
  • (TEST) Room recovery time
  • (TEST) Determination of Gas tightness – Biological safety cabinets and pharmaceutical isolators

Australian Standard AS/NZS 2243.8

  • Appendix B – (TEST) Face velocity
  • Appendix A – (TEST) Smoke test

Australian Standard AS/NZS 2243.9

  • Appendix B – (TEST) Face velocity
  • Appendix A – (TEST) Smoke test

International Standard ISO 14644.1

  • Annex B – (TEST) Particulate cleanliness

International Standard ISO 14644.3            NATA accreditation link

  • Annex    B.4 – (TEST) Airflow
  • Annex    B.5 – (TEST) Air pressure difference
  • Annex    B.6 – (TEST) Installed filter system leakage
  • Annexes B.8 and B.9 – (TEST) Clean room temperature and humidity
  • Annex    B.12 – (TEST) Cleanliness recovery performance
  • Annex B.13 – (TEST) Containment leakage

International Standard ISO 8573-4

  • Annex B.1 – (TEST) Measurement of solid particle concentration in compressed air lines

International Standard ISO 21501-4

  • Calibration of airborne particle counters including the requirements of ISO 21501-4 with least uncertainties of measurement of  2.4% of particle size in the range from 0.2 to 30 μm at flow rates from 1 to 100 L/m.

LAF TechnologiesNATA Accredited Australian Laboratory providing Accreditation Services

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