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Grimm Aerosol Technik Nano SMPS C SMPS System

The GRIMM SMPS+C systems are designed to measure size distributions in the size range 5 – 1110 nm. The SMPS+C system includes a

  • Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) and a
  • Differential Mobility Analyser (DMA).

There are several options for both components and any component may be ordered separately.

For the detection we offer two well-assorted product lines of CPCs, optimized either for stationary or mobile use, and described in detail on separate data sheets.

The classification is accomplished with well-proven DMAs. GRIMM DMAs feature the Vienna-Type design (Reischl et al. 1997, Winkelmayr et al. 1990), well known for high resolution and low diffusional losses. GRIMM offers a flexible design of the Vienna-type DMA with two electrodes of different length to measure a wide size range. The DMAs feature a built-in impactor that can be equipped with different nozzles.

Through combination with GRIMM optical aerosol spectrometers (“Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer”, WRAS), measurement of size distributions in the extended size range from 5 nm to 32 µm is possible.

  • Two Vienna type DMAs to measure a wide size range (5- 350 nm or 11 – 1100 nm)
  • Both DMA and CPC can be upgraded and all components are compatible to each other
  • Software allows different measurement modes including stepping mode, scanning mode, generation of mono-mobile particles, and using CPC as counter
  • Many accessories to accommodate a variety of experimental needs
  • 55-340: Electrostatic Classifier “Vienna”- M-DMA: 5 – 350 nm
  • 55-900: Electrostatic Classifier “Vienna”- L-DMA: 10 – 1100 nm
  • 55-U: Electrostatic Classifier U-DMA – Universal-Differential Mobility Analyser (two-in-one version)
  • 5522-A: Neutraliser, Am-241, 3.7 MBq (needs licence)
  • 5520: Neutraliser, annular Dielectric Barrier Discharge (aDBD, non-radioactive, no licence needed)
  • 5523-Ni: Neutraliser Ni-63, 95 MBq (no licence needed, only for environmental applications)
  • 5540: Dryer for sheath air, with active carbon absorber for organic trace gases
  • 7814: Diffusion dryer for sample air
  • 7917: Emission Sampling System (“ESS”, diluter for hot gas)
  • Base plates to fix CPC and DMA
  • Stable carrying cases for save transport of the system
  • 5483: Flow-splitter
  • 5515: Set of different impactor nozzles (e.g. to adapt cutpoint for different particle density)
  • 5511: Pre-impactor for DMA (to avoid contaminations at high concentrations)
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