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Hospital Monitoring Systems

LAF Technologies has decades of experience in the hospital and healthcare industry. From testing and certification of critical environments to supplying some of the most advanced scientific and laboratory equipment the world has to offer. The company is extremely well known and respected and is the preferred supplier of products and services for many hundreds of hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australasia.

Handheld & Portable Particle Counters

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities get started in particle monitoring by using handheld and or portable particle counters. LAF Technologies offers the largest range of professional handheld particle counters in Australasia as well as the largest range of portable particle counters. Selected handheld particle counters also feature built-in temperature and humidity sensors, a colour touch screen display, (mg/m3) mass measurement (indoor air quality mode) and many other advanced features.

Our new generation Lighthouse APEX Z series of portable particle counters are by far the most modern looking, lightest and technically advanced portable particle instruments on the market. Our stainless steel Lighthouse Solair series are rock solid, robust instruments that have served countless organizations flawlessly for many years. Combining modern technology, reliability, quality and ultra-long-life laser diode technology (20 YEAR mean time before failure laser diodes on many models) Lighthouse particle instruments have become the default industry standard in many leading hospitals and pharmaceutical facilities.

Facility Based Continuous Monitoring Systems

The next evolutionary step up from using handheld / portable particle counters and or portable measurement instruments is to install a professional in-house continuous monitoring system. Our staff at LAF Technologies have over 31 years of experience in supplying and installing GMP compliant and non GMP compliant monitoring systems for monitoring particles, room temperatures, humidity, room pressures and many other environmental parameters. Our experience in installing state-of-the-art systems of this nature is wide ranging across many industries (hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, bone banks, blood banks and many other areas).

Our latest generation EMS systems are today used in hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Australia and the world. These systems can be installed in a single hospital department or can be spread across many different departments monitoring an extensive range of systems, instruments and processes. These smart systems can even monitor different facilities simultaneously and can even simultaneously monitor a wide variety of sensors and sites throughout the world if need be. These systems are developed and maintained to GAMP5 regulations and fully comply with the latest FDA’s 21 CFR part 11. For more information on our particle & environmental monitoring systems click HERE

Microbial Air Sampling

In addition to supplying the above mentioned equipment for real-time (non viable) particle measurements, LAF Technologies also offers a wide range of state-of-the-art portable microbial air samplers for sampling professionals. We are the only company that offers latest generation, software controlled and fully automated microbial sampling systems which dramatically reduces the workload for staff running around with portable samplers. For more information on our range of microbial air samplers, click HERE

Decontamination Equipment

Decontaminating work places and surfaces is paramount in order to ensure a safe work environment. Cleaning rooms, systems, biological safety cabinets and other equipment does not mean they have been properly decontaminated. This is where LAF Technologies, as a leader in the supply of cutting edge decontamination systems and instruments can help hospitals and healthcare industries dramatically improve in this area. We even provide professional on-site decontamination services across Australasia. To learn more, click HERE