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High Performance Gas Mixing System

The ICONIC gas mixing system from Baker Ruskinn provides unparalleled control over oxygen levels inside InvivO2 hypoxia workstations, and Bugbox M and Concept 400 M microaerophilic workstations. The simple touchscreen controls simplify the calibration process, provide rapid equalisation and facilitate easy data downloads. Additionally, ICONIC uses up to 40% less nitrogen over the previous gas mixing technology and saves bench space, making it even more economical and flexible for your laboratory..

Features and Benefits:

ICONIC is available in two configurations:

  • Single Mode (Hypoxic): ICONIC with hypoxic mode only comes standard on all new InvivO2, Bugbox M and Concept 400 M workstations, and is available as a retrofit.
  • Dual Mode (Hypoxic and Anoxic): For greater flexibility, ICONIC is available with dual hypoxic and anoxic modes, both for new units and as a retrofit. Upgrades from Single Mode to Dual Mode are also available.
  • Controls O2 from 0.0% to 20.9% in 0.1% increments
  • Controls CO2 from 0.0% to 30% in 0.1% increments Automatically calibrates O2 sensor through screen control
  • Allows hypoxic cycling, facilitating up to four different O2 and CO2 concentrations through a user-defined sequence of time
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