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Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

The Ultimate Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

If your organization is genuinely concerned about the safety and security of your refrigerated samples, then keep reading. The following ULT freezers from world renowned Z-SCI are some of the most advanced and reliable freezers we have ever come across.

Models include the popular TWINCORE and IKKII. Incorporating DUAL (2) independent, state-of-the-art Danfoss compressors, scientists can rest easy in the knowledge that their precious samples will be kept safe. The redundant design allows for either compressor to maintain -80 degrees C temperature indefinitely on its own.

The TWINCORE model also incorporates the WIZBOX which is a smart graphical user interface enabling the end user to continuously monitor the health of their freezer.  The WIZBOX acts as a unique proactive monitoring system, while the on-board inventory system aids in locating samples quickly and easily.  Of course, all this can also be done remotely on a tablet, iPad or smart phone.

If you don’t need the WIZBOX, then maybe the popular IKII model is for you. Manufactured to the same quality and standards as the TWINCORE, the IKKII offers the same peace of mind and reliability. The filter free mechanism and use of a mix of refrigerants with a non-ozone depleting charge means that both freezers are also energy efficient and have 75% less heat rejection than standard cascade refrigeration.

Please contact us now to learn more about any of our medical and scientific refrigeration and freezer solutions for your laboratory.

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