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Filters & Filter Testing

LAF Tech: Quality Air Filtration Testing Services

At LAFTech, we are proud to supply an unrivalled range of filters and filter-related accessories, as well as the most extensive range of particle monitoring and filter testing systems in Australasia. From carbon filters to handheld particle counters to aerosol photometers and generators, we have everything you need to keep your laboratory running smoothly, efficiently and most importantly, safely.

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As proof of our dedication to quality, LAFTech operates a fully NATA accredited filter testing laboratory. Equipped with ultramodern filter testing equipment, our laboratory will ensure you receive accurate and reliable results. Because we meticulously follow the latest Australian Standards (AS1807), we can guarantee your laboratory or facility the highest level of precision and compliance in all our testing procedures.

Our filter testing services offer detailed filter evaluations that ensure their efficiency and effectiveness in air filtration systems. We subject all filters to rigorous testing protocols; by doing so, we are able to accurately assess the efficiency and effectiveness of each filter. We can then provide valuable insights to you that help you make informed decisions about your filtration needs.

Whether you need air filtration testing for HVAC systems, cleanrooms, or other applications, LAFTech is your trusted partner. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in this area has allowed us to build a strong reputation across a diverse range of industries, where our products have been used effectively for decades. Speak with our friendly, expert team today and learn how we can help you achieve the best air quality and filtration for your laboratory.