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Phileas Airbone Disinfection Machine

H202 Airborne Surface Disinfection

LAF technologies in conjunction with world renowned Devea France offer the world’s most comprehensive and advanced range of portable airborne disinfection systems. Fully portable and easily deployed, these state-of-the-art units utilise proprietry O2 Safe non toxic 7.4% Hydrogen Peroxide chemical solution that leaves no nasty residue and doesn’t cause corrosion. Used for Airborne Disinfection and Surfaces, post cleaning our chemical aerosol, fogging process is NFT 72-281 (V2014) Compliant. Devea Phileas systems are easily transported and stored on premises without special permits or approvals and they are capable of achieving up to 6 log efficacy in the most demanding applications.

LAF Technologies offers advanced airborne disinfection machines designed to combat airborne pathogens and microorganisms in various environments.

Our Chemical Disinfection/Biocide Fogging Solution:

O2 Safe® 7.4 disinfection solution, with a broad spectrum. Hydrogen Peroxide (n CAS7722-84-1) AT 7.4%. 75g/l.

O2 Safe® 7.4 is a ready-to-use, bacterial, yeast, fungicidal, sporicidal and surface disinfectant for clean surfaces of rooms, materials, equipment and furniture.

O2 Safe® 7.4 is also suitable for the disinfection of clean surfaces in contact with foodstuffs. Premises, equipment and materials of workshops for the transformation of foodstuffs for human consumption.

The Phileas Airborne Disinfection system, provided by LAF Technologies, is a powerful and reliable solution for neutralizing airborne pathogens and viruses.

Code: O2S7.4 : 10 Litre container. Refer MSDS

Models are available in the Devea range to cater for a wide variety of fogging aerosol decontamination applications. From decontaminating large-scale room zones and facilities to single biological safety cabinets, aseptic fill zones etc….LAF technologies and Devea have the instruments, H202 chemicals and expertise to meet all of your Airborne Surface decontamination requirements.

These cutting-edge airborne disinfection machines utilise innovative technologies to deliver rapid and efficient disinfection, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants.

Models are available in the Devea range to cater for a wide variety of popular applications. From decontaminating large scale clean rooms and facilities to single biological safety and or laminar air flow cabinets, LAF Technologies and Devea have the instruments and expertise to meet all of your decontamination requirements.

Decontamination Services

For those companies and facilities requiring routine and critical outbreak decontamination, LAF Technologies operates one of Australasia’s largest, most widely known and respected teams of onsite decontamination service professionals. Please feel free to call us today for more information on the wide range of professional services we offer. With extensive experience in biological decontamination, we specialise in viral and bacterial control using a range of high-quality Airborne Surface Disinfection (ASD) Our products and services have the proven ability to inactivate a host of viral/bacterial strains.

Validated, automated decontamination services for ‘six-log’ 99.9999% efficacy of enveloped viruses

Do not confuse with manually operated ‘fogging’ systems which offer much lower efficacy rates