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Grimm 11-D Advanced Real-Time Dust Monitor

Grimm 11-D Advanced Real-Time Portable Dust Monitor

The Grimm 11-D is arguably the most advanced portable real-time dust monitor on the market today. Costing little more than other multi size fraction measuring instruments on the market, the German made 11-D is capable of ultra high resolution particle size AND particle mass measurements FAR beyond the capability of other dust monitors.

Measuring up to 100mg/m3, it can be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring applications, including filter testing, aerosol research, workplace occupational health & safety monitoring, process analysis and much more.

It measures up to 75 different values in one compact portable device. These include:


  • 31 size channels for particle number distribution
  • 31 size channels for particle mass distribution (new)
  • TSP – Environmental algorithm
  • PM10 – Environmental algorithm
  • PM4 – Environmental algorithm
  • PM2.5 – Environmental algorithm
  • PM1 – Environmental algorithm
  • PM10 – Indoor air quality algorithm
  • PM2.5 – Indoor air quality algorithm
  • PM1 – Indoor air quality algorithm
  • Inhalable fraction
  • Thoracic fraction
  • Respirable fraction
  • Temperature at the measurement cell
  • Humidity at the measurement cell

Some of the other features include:


  • Integrated 47 mm PTFE filter (Grimm dual technology)
  • Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet and RS-232 communications
  • Sheath air system for protecting the laser and the detector in the optical cell
  • Internal sensor for temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH) in optical cell
  • 1.2 liter per minute flow rate
  • Self-test of all optical and pneumatic components for the highest quality measurements
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Outdoor air quality monitoring
  • General aerosol research
  • Filter testing
  • Occupational health & safety exposure monitroing
  • Monitoring of permissible exposure limit (PEL) with high time resolution
  • Many others
  • 1179 – advanced Grimm software for 11-D
  • 1148B – Hard-sided carrying case with foam inserts
  • 1146 – GPS sensor
  • 1152 – Isokinetic sampling probe for 4 – 25 m/s
  • 1158-TRH – External sensor for temperature and relative humidity
  • 1159-10, 1159-00 – Capillary diluter (1:10 or 1:100)
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