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Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets for Industry Professionals

With decades of experience and thousands of biological safety cabinets in the field, LAF Technologies offers some of the most reliable and technically advanced biological safety cabinets on the market. Countless organizations have now standardized on our cabinets due to their unmatched quality and reliability. Just some of the many world class products we offer include:


LAF Technologies is the exclusive Australian agent for world renowned Euroclone. Euroclone’s popular BioAir, Safemate, Safemate ECO, Topsafe and Embryosafe i-REF biological safety cabinets complement our extensive range of world class controlled environment products. LAF Technologies also fully services and supports EuroClone’s range of biological safety cabinets in Australia. Just some of the many reasons companies standardize on LAF Technologies and Euroclone cabinets include:
Quality & Performance

  • The range of cabinets we offer are state-of-the-art. They are quieter, more rugged, reliable and longer lasting than many competitive cabinets on the market. Quality and reliability is paramount for many of our valued clients and buying a good quality cabinet to begin with can end up saving organizations time and money.
  • Manufactured in Italy to the highest standards, our Euroclone cabinets are also noticeably better constructed than many other cabinets on the market. Many of our clients notice this upon first sight or touch.
  • Our cabinets are also specifically manufactured in Italy to meet the latest Australian standards. They are not modified here locally or altered to try and meet these standards, they are designed and manufactured to be compliant and fit for the purpose.

Complete Service & Support

  • LAF Technologies has close to 30 years of specialist experience in supplying biological safety cabinets and related products and our specialist staff can assist organisations in correctly selecting the right product to suit your needs
  • We arrange for the careful delivery of cabinets to client sites across Australasia
  • Our staff arrange the professional installation and commissioning
  • We provide quality operator training (if required)
  • Our testing and certification division can also provide NATA testing to ISO 14644, AS 2252.2 and AS 2243.8/9 to ensure our clients are fully compliant
  • We offer professional decontamination services for cabinets, lab equipment and rooms across Australasia
  • LAF Technologies is effectively a ONE stop shop for companies wanting quality biological safety cabinets at competitive prices and with the peace of mind in knowing they will be professionally supported