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Wireless Monitoring Systems

LAF Technologies offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art environmental monitoring systems and sensors for GMP and non GMP environmental monitoring applications. Both hard wired and wireless systems are available offering different features and supporting different software platforms. Unlike some companies promoting ONE brand of wireless monitoring products, often taking a “one shoe fits all” approach to environmental monitoring, LAF Technologies has partnered with a select number of world leading wireless technology manufacturers in order to gain access to the very best and latest range of monitoring solutions from around the world. Our clients are spread across a broad range of industries and they often have very specialized needs.

Our wireless systems are significantly different from many competitive systems on the market in that they also support real-time particle monitoring sensors, a wide range of gas sensors, radiation sensors, a wide range of indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring sensors and many other 3rd party accessories. Our sensors are also more reliable and better quality than many competitive sensors on the market. Their accuracy properly meets the requirements of GMP and many other international standards unlike many competitive sensors and our sensors can be properly serviced, supported and calibrated (multi-point) in Australia versus some suppliers who use disposable sensors, or can only perform single point calibrations, or have no calibration capabilities at all.

It’s all about quality and reliability for LAF Technologies. Our clients demand it and we continue to supply it to hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, bone banks, blood banks, distribution centers and countless other industries across Australasia.