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Pre Filters

LAFtech supply and install prefilters for laboratory and related equipment Australia-wide.

Prefilters are one of three main classes air filtration products that can be economically supplied and professionally installed by LAF Technologies Pty Ltd. The other two main classes of air filtration products include HEPA & ULPA Filters and Carbon Filters.

Laboratory Prefilters for Air Filtration include:

Usually located at the primary air intake, pre-filters, as their name implies, are designed to remove the larger contaminants prior to the air passing to the main filter(s).

Their importance should not be discounted as they play a major role in maintaining the operating environment and can significantly improve the life and performance of the main filters in the system.

Whilst the use of a prefilter can lead to increased pressure loss – and therefore increased operating costs – results have clearly shown that the service life of the main filter(s) can increase over five fold by introducing appropriate prefilter into the system.

LAF Technologies supply and install all types of prefilters.