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Lighthouse APEX R5 Series of Advanced Particle Counters

Representing the the very latest technology in remote particle counting, the APEX series from world leading particle instrument manufacturer Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions are today used by hundreds of leading pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, laboratories, bone banks, blood banks and research facilities throughout Australia and the world. These amazing latest generation sensors offer features and performance far beyond competitive brand particle counters.

Models are available for both 0.1 CFM and 1.0 CFM applications and many communications options are available to integrate with almost any BMS, EMS or SCADA system. Featuring built-in SMART firmware, these units may also be used as a plug and play fully compatible & validatable replacement for various competitive brand remote particle counters. This means companies are no longer locked into any one supplier for their particle counters when using proprietary software packages or software platforms with custom made drivers.

By installing APEX units in your new facility or replacing your existing particle sensors with technically better and later generation APEX models, you instantly start reaping the rewards. Just some of the immediate and obvious benefits to facilities include:


  • 3,000 point data buffer for longer data storage
  • 7 self diagnostic parameters versus less on most competitive instruments
  • +/- 5% flow accuracy
  • A built-in web server where you can even view your data on a mobile WIFI devices over your network
  • The latest SMART bracket technology which considerably reduces the risk for clients when moving particle sensors around during calibration and or servicing.
  • Fully H2O2 vapor decontamination compatible
  • Local alarm light
  • Available in both 0.1 CFM and 1.0 CFM configurations
  • Integrated OLED display option
  • An actual validation mode
  • Ultra long life laser diode technology with a 20 year MTBF (mean time before failure) versus 4 to 5 years on some competitive brand instruments.
  • SMART firmware enabling facilities to replace competitive brand particle instruments (plug & play) without having to change software platforms or write software drivers.
  • Many other must have new features