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LAF Technologies is one of Australasia’s leading suppliers of scientific, environmental, particle research and controlled environment systems and instrumentation.


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About Laftech

Established in 1987 and representing some of the world’s leading scientific and environmental equipment manufacturers, LAF Technologies (Laftech) has rapidly grown to become one of Australasia’s largest, most successful and respected suppliers of contamination control, environmental monitoring and advanced measurement instrumentation. The company is NATA accredited to ISO 17025 and is also a leading specialist supplier of particle, aerosol and real-time environmental monitoring instruments. Additionally, LAF Technologies is ISO 9001 quality accredited and maintains accreditation to the latest ECO WARRANTY environmental management standards.

100% Australian owned and with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, LAF Technologies employs a wide variety of specialist sales staff, service technicians, engineering staff, calibration staff, field support staff, testing & certification professionals along with other key personnel. We pride ourselves on maintaining state-of-the-art service and support facilities, NATA accredited testing services, an ISO 21501-4 calibration laboratory, a rental department and other key facilities, all in an effort to provide flexibility and total peace of mind for our valued clients.

Our national testing & certification team incorporates a large network of highly trained industry professionals who operate 24/7 providing world class testing services to the latest ISO international standards for many of Australasia’s leading manufacturers and research organisations.

Just some of the many popular products LAF Technologies is renowned for include biological safety cabinets, laminar air flow cabinets, cytotoxic cabinets, PCR cabinets, isolators, RABS systems, laminar flow systems, pass through cabinets, fume cabinets, filtration systems, safety storage cabinets, baths & circulators, ovens and furnaces, vacuum equipment, ultrasonic baths, ultrasonic cleaners, laboratory chambers, colony counting equipment, general laboratory equipment, anaerobic workstations, hypoxia workstations, incubators, bio decontamination equipment, forensic equipment, fingerprint chambers, evidence drying cabinets, particle counters, liquid particle counters, gas particle counters, microbial air samplers, environmental monitoring systems, particle monitoring systems, hotwire anemometers, vane anemometers, air balancing hoods, environmental sensors, duct leakage testers, manometers & pressure meters, dust monitors, dust monitoring systems, particle research instruments, airflow visualisation equipment, filters, filter testing equipment, photometers, aerosol generators, particle spectrometers, ultrafine particle counters, nano particle monitors, diesel emission monitors and many other state-of-the-art products.

Laftech provides a wide variety of popular test & certification services to international (ISO) and local Australian standards. These include testing and certifying biological safety cabinets, fume cupboards, fume cabinets, laminar air flow cabinets, cytotoxic drug cabinets, cleanrooms and workstations, isolators, conducting HEPA filter testing, providing decontamination services, conducting particulate cleanliness testing and testing particles in gas / compressed air.

Our well known and respected EMS division also provides project management, comprehensive training and validation services for the GMP compliant environmental monitoring and or particle monitoring systems we provide. This includes the onsite execution and other work.