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Cleanroom & Facility Monitoring

Specialist Suppliers of Cleanroom & Facility Monitoring Systems & Instruments

Offering an extensive range of latest generation systems and instruments, LAF Technologies is Australasia’s leading specialist supplier of portable particle counters and professional GMP compliant particle / environmental monitoring systems. Our viable and non viable particle and EMS (environmental monitoring systems) are today found in some of the largest, newest and most advanced pharmaceutical, hospital, compounding pharmacy and research facilities throughout Australia and the world. Our facility monitoring systems are simply light years ahead of other systems on the market and no other supplier combines the smarts and resources of a long standing NATA accredited national test and certification body with state-of-the-art systems and measurement instrumentation.

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Why so many companies choose LAF Technologies over competitive suppliers?

  • LAF Technologies are specialist suppliers of particle, dust, aerosol and environmental monitoring systems
  • We also specialize in controlled environment solutions being a leading national supplier of biological safety cabinets, LAF cabinets and other laboratory / scientific systems and instruments
  • We represent the very latest technologies from around the world which are demonstrably technically superior than competitive systems and instruments on the market
  • We have an extensive and rapidly expanding client base with countless reference sites throughout Australasia
  • Our particle counters offer an industry first 20 year MTBF (mean time before failure) on the laser diode versus 4 to 5 years on some competitive instruments.
  • LAF Technologies is a fully NATA accredited company and is also specifically NATA and ISO21501 accredited in the calibration of optical particle counters
  • We sell, service, fully support and NATA calibrate our particle instruments at LAF Technologies, the one company, unlike some suppliers who are forced to send products to 3rd party companies or overseas for servicing and or calibration.
  • We employ specialist engineering staff who can install, commission, validate and fully support the EMS and particle monitoring systems we sell
  • We offer particle monitoring systems and instruments capable of measuring particles from as low as 2nm to over 35um in size and for a wide variety of industry and sometimes unique applications
  • We utilize long life pumps for reliable long term operation
  • We offer the latest generation communication options. Ethernet, RS232, WI-FI, Bluetooth wireless, USB, SD card and analog outputs
  • Our monitoring systems are built on a stable and reliable SCADA platform and they offer easy integration with 3rd party BMS, EMS and SCADA systems
  • We offer lifetime FREE technical support for all of our clients