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Support Centre - Technical Papers

Reading technical papers and application notes is a great way to learn and LAF Technologies is committed to finding and sharing as many of these documents with our clients as possible. The following documents are broken into categories and are available for downloading in PDF format. An Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your PC or device is required to view these documents.

Cleanroom & Facility Monitoring

Particle Research Measurements

  • Transfer functions and penetrations
  • Characterization of counting efficiency
  • Comprehensive measurement of atmospheric aerosols
  • Transfer functions and penetrations of five different mobility analyzers
  • Penetration of ultra-fine particles
  • Performance of Vienna type differential mobility analyzer 1.1-20 nanometer
  • Ultra-fine particles over eastern Australia
  • Nano particles in cigarette smoke
  • Video exposure monitoring as part of a strategy to assess exposure to nano particles
  • The North Atlantic Marine Boundary Layer Experiment
  • Benthic boundary mixing and re-suspension induced by internal seiches
  • Modeling the resuspension of ash deposited during the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in spring 2010
  • Spatial distribution and vertical structure of the MABL aerosols over Bay of Bengal during winter
  • Spatial heterogeneities in aerosol size distribution over Bay of Bengal during Winter-ICARB Experiment
  • Ozone over the Western Mediterranean Sea – results from two years of ship borne measurements
  • South African EUCAARI – measurements: a site with high atmospheric variability
  • Comparison of the Grimm 1.108 and 1.109 Portable Aerosol Spectrometer to the TSI 3321 Aerodynamic Particle Sizer for Dry Particles
  • Temporal and vertical variations of aerosol physical and chemical properties over West Africa: AMMA aircraft campaign in summer 2006
  • Characterizing the performance of two optical particle counters (Grimm OPC1.108 and OPC1.109) under urban aerosol conditions
  • Measured and predicted aerosol light scattering enhancement factors at the high alpine site Jungfraujoch
  • Cloud processing of mineral dust: direct comparison of cloud residual and clear sky particles during AMMA aircraft campaign in summer 2006
  • The Mobile Air Quality Study (MAQS)-an international project
  • Road Dust Emissions from Paved Roads Measured Using Different Mobile Systems
  • Emission and dry deposition of accumulation mode particles in the Amazon Basin
  • Black carbon measurements in the boundary layer over western and northern Europe
  • Evaluation Of The Overall Particle Emission Reduction Efficiencies Of Commercially Available Laser Printer Filters
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, and Lead Concentrations in Copper Smelter Particulates Using a TSI 8520 DustTrak, a Haz-Dust EPAM-5000, and a Grimm 1.109
  • Chemistry and transport of pollution over the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific: spring 2006 INTEX-B campaign overview and first results
  • Mexico City aerosol analysis during MILAGRO using high resolution aerosol mass spectrometry at the urban super site (T0)
  • Ionization for reducing particulate matter emissions from poultry houses
  • Physical and Biochemical Properties of Airborne Flour Particles Involved in Occupational Asthma
  • Studies on aerosol properties during ICARB-2006 campaign period at Hyderabat, India using ground-based measurements and satellite data
  • Comparison of the TSI Model 8520 and Grimm Series 1.108 Portable Aerosol Instruments Used to Monitor Particulate Matter in an Iron Foundry
  • Real-time measurements of fine / ultrafine sulfate aerosols in the Arctic atmosphere during summertime: Insights to Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) sources
  • Inhalable and Respirable Dust
  • Development of an Electrostatic Precipitator for Off-Line Particle Analysis
  • Design and performance of an optimized electrical diffusion battery
  • Performance of Vienna Type Differential Mobility Analyzer at 1.2-20 Nanometer
  • Performance evaluation of three optical particle counters with an efficient multi modal calibration method
  • Arctic smoke – aerosol characteristics during a record smoke event in the European Arctic and its radioactive impact
  • Challenge testing in the diagnosis of occupational allergic conjunctivitis
  • Sources, size distribution, and downwind grounding of aerosols from Mount Etna
  • Evaluation of a High-Efficiency, Filter-Bank System
  • Penetration of Ultrafine Particles and Ion Clusters Through Wire Screens by Ichitsubo et al.
  • Experimental study on enhanced Brownian coagulation of sodium compound aerosol in the presence of gamma field
  • Occupational eosinophilic bronchitis in a foundry worker exposed to iscyanate and baker exposed to flour
  • Measurements of atmospheric aerosol size distributions by co-located optical particle counters
  • Size-segregated aerosol mass closure and chemical composition in Monte Cimone (I) during MINATROC
  • Filamentous Microorganisms and their fragments in indoor air
  • Bestimmung diffuser Emissionen in einem Asphaltmischwerk
  • Evaluation of Aerosol Release During the Handling of Unrefined Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Material
  • Measuring the Emission Rate of an Aerosol Source Placed in a Ventilated Room Using Tracer Gas: Influence of Particle Wall Deposition
  • Physical characterization of particulate emissions from diesel engines: a review
  • A new electromobility Spectrometer for the Measurement of aerosol distributions in the size range from 1 to 1000nm

Microbial Air Sampling


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