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Dust Monitoring Equipment - Fixed Dust Monitoring Stations

Fixed Real-Time Dust Monitoring Stations for Industry Professionals

Representing a number of world leading dust and particle monitoring equipment manufacturers, LAF Technologies offers a wide variety of portable, tripod based and fixed dust monitoring systems for dust and air monitoring professionals. Our EDM180 and latest generation EDM180+ advanced dust monitoring stations were the world’s first U.S EPA approved real-time dust monitoring stations. Measuring PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, they are used extensively throughout the world by environmental protection authorities, government agencies and monitoring professionals.

Manufactured in Germany by Grimm Aerosol Technik, our EDM164 advanced dust monitoring stations are also unmatched in features, performance and reliability. With simultaneous PM fraction measurements, 31 high resolution particle size channels, an incredible 0.25um to 35um ultrawide particle size range and many other features, the EDM164 is designed for the hardcore dust monitoring professional and or aerosol science / research applications.

Our ES642 and Protinus 1000 monitoring systems are also very popular and these instruments are widely used in industry. They represent quality, they are very reliable, while representing excellent value for money.