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USSWin – Software for US-Sedimentometer

The sedimentometer-software USSWin is designed for processing measurements with Topas US-Sedimentometer USS 791. The grain size determination of grit is carried out by sedimentation analysis by means of a US-sedimentometer. The measuring principle is based on determining the time necessary for sedimentation of defined sample volumina in a collecting tube. For calculation of theoretical  grain diameters Stoke’s law is used.

USSWin is a user-friendly software, able to communicate with one or more Topas-US-sedimentometers. The program incorporates manaegment of device parameters and particle standards, takeover and analysis of raw data from other devices or saved measurement data as well as comfortable print outs of test charts.


For determining of grain size distribution following parameters are evaluated:

  • Size of first grain that reaches the bottom (only for P-standards)
  • Grain size for that time where 3% of the sample volume are deposited
  • Mean grain size for that time where 50% of the sample volume are deposited
  • Mean grain size for that time where  95% of the sample volume are deposited
  • Sedimentation analysis acc. to ISO 8486-2, ISO 6344-3, FEPA 43-2 and FEPA 42-2
  • Fully automated analysis with minimal operator input
  • User friendly software enables visualisation, processing and storing of measured data
  • Instrument has standard serial interfaces
  • For characterisation of particle properties of electro-corundum and silicon carbide: to determine particle size distributions of these materials.
  • This method is part of the FEPA-Standard 43, which defines properties for aluminium oxide and silicon carbide in coated abrasives, part 2 testing of microgrits P240 to P2500
  • And also the FEPA-Standards 42 for conventional bounded abrasives, part 2 testing microgrits F230 to F2000
  • Sedimentation analyses in other areas of quality assurance
  • Research institutes and universities

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