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TDC 584 – IPA Conditioning Cabinet

The harmonization of international testing standard ISO 16890-4 requires neutralization of tested filter element by Iso-propyl-alcohole (IPA) treatment. Therefore a suitable test cabinet for filter discharging is needed.

The solution proposed in ISO 16890-4, chapter 7 requires a large amount of hazardous substance with approximately 1 l of liquid IPA, whereas particularly the handling of the trays filled with liquid IPA is risky. Furthermore large quantities of IPA saturated air enter the laboratory after opening the cabinet, which is a sanitary as well as a safety-related problem. It also requires an air extraction of the complete laboratory area.

  • Fast and constant saturation of the air with IPA
  • Integrated suction and flushing of the chamber
  • Minimal use of IPA (250ml per filter)
  • Certification of security level by accredited certification bodies
  • Conditioning of air filters according to ISO 16890-4 (for followed testing of the mechanical separation behaviour with the General Air Filter Test System ALF 114)
  • Electrostatic neutralization of bag- and cartridge filters, filter bags and flat media
TDC 584 - IPA Conditioning Cabinet
Cabinet volume for filter element(s):610 mm x 610 mm x 950 mm
Auxiliary process time of filter conditioning Saturation Flushing30 min
Dimensions1200 mm x 1200 mm x 1900 mm
Weight250 kg

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