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PBI SAS Super Isolator Microbial Air Sampler

SAS Super Isolator instruments (available with airflows of 100 l/min and 180 l/min) have been created for the specific monitoring of the closed environments of isolators and RABS, ensuring their complete separation from outside influences. The SAS instrument control unit is placed outside and connected to the aspirating head using a simple electrical connection. All possible typical contamination sources of the vacuum sampling system are removed using the SAS Super Isolator. An interesting application of this air sampler is that several heads can be controlled by a single SAS control unit providing a practical and economical solution.

  • Fast sampling time – 180 litres per minute flow rate, taking less than six minutes to sample 1000 l of air
  • Low running cost and operational flexibility – no need to purchase expensive, proprietary media strips, cassettes, or plates; standard 55 mm contact plates or 90 mm Petri dishes can be used
  • Full traceability – records day, time, site, volume of air sampled, and operator’s name to ensure full traceability
  • Easy to use – large back lit screen with intuitive menu; active operation status confirmed by flashing red LED
  • Multiple language choice – programmable language selection for English, Spanish, German, and French

Typical applications

Control and validation of isolators, RABS and closed systems for drugs, food and beverage production. Several aspirating chambers can be controlled by a single SAS control unit providing a practical and economic solution.


  • Technically this is the same as the SAS Super 100 or SAS Super 180
  • Sampling head of can be positioned anywhere inside the isolator or RABS
  • Compatible with the most common sanitising and sterilising agents used inside isolators such as VHP (Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Compliant with USP chapter 1116 and ISO 14698-1
  • I Q OQ PQ validation protocols available
  • Special connections for Isolators available on request


Sampling head: Stainless steel

W×D×H (mm): 360×160×180

Weight (kg): 1.75

Product Brochure

User Manual


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