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PBI Duo SAS Super 360 Air Samplers

When environmental contamination is very low and the number of samples to be performed is high, operational duration can be an important factor in the choice of SAS instrument. Two sampling heads that operate simultaneously to sample 1000 litres of air in less than 3 minutes is the solution. The simultaneous sampling on two heads also allows you to obtain statistically representative results when using the same type of media in both heads. It is also possible to use two different media for the same sampling cycle (e.g. TSA or PCA for Total Bacterial Count and SDA for yeasts and moulds). Sampling with the two heads can halve sample process time, which is a real advantage for busy users.

  • Single body with two aspirating heads
  • Fast and consistent results
  • Fully compliant with International Standards (ISO 14698 & USP 1116 Pharmacopeia)
  • Time saving and low operating cost solutions

Typical applications

Control and validation of cleanrooms, isolators, RABS microbiological laboratories, biotechnology premises, vaccine production plants, operating theatres, hospitals and clinics. In particular, DUO SAS Super 360 is used when saving time is an important criteria.

Why use the duo sas?

  • Use different media in each head to capture different microorganisms
  • Use the same media in each head for greater confidence
  • TSA plates on left and aspirating heads on right to calculate an average result and to obtain a more reliable and realistic number of Colony Forming Unit (CFU)
  • TSA plates on left and aspirating heads on right to monitor a higher volume of air in cleanrooms (360 l/min)
  • TSA plates on left and aspirating heads on right to reduce operator time during air monitoring (about 3 min for 1000 l of air)
  • TSA or PCA plates on left aspirating head and SDA plate on right for a simultaneous double control of Total Bacterial Count and yeast / molds


  • Compliant with USP chapter 1116 and ISO 14698-1
  • IQ OQ PQ validation protocols available
  • Over 40 000 l of air
  • Up to 100 memorized sampling cycles
  • Design avoids turbulence in unidirectional airflow and re-aspiration of tested air in accordance with ISO specifications
  • Total traceability
  • Fingertip calibration system control without opening the instrument
  • Easy calibration monitoring

Data transfer

  • Can be downloaded onto a PC in both non modifiable (.sas) and Excel formats
  • Sampling data to PC


Airflow rate: 180 l/min

Sampling head: Aluminium, stainless steel or plastic (certified ready to use)

W×D×H (mm): 260×110×352

Weight (kg): 2.2

Product Brochure

User Manual


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