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Grimm Nano 5430 – 5431 Condensation Particle Counters

The GRIMM model 5.430 Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) was developed to measure Diesel emissions according to the EURO 5 and 6 Regulation 83.

In addition to the already well established condensate removal and anti-spill saturator design 1) this unit features a novel saturator shutter, which enables the transport of the CPC without the need for removing or drying the saturator.

This full flow CPC contains several design improvements for the automotive user, such as a fast response to concentration changes (T90), and easy maintenance.

Due to its rugged design the model 5.430 can be easily incorporated into test racks for Euro 5 and 6 compliance testing.

1) first introduced by GRIMM Aerosol Technik

  • Single particle counting up to 50,000 particles/cm3 up to 23,000 particles/cm3 with coincidence correction < 10%
  • Counting accuracy ±10%
  • Linearity: R2 ≥ 0.98 for 1 to 23,000 particles/cm3
  • Counting efficiency within 50 ±12% at 23 nm and ≥90% at 41 nm
  • Fast response time T90 < 3 seconds
  • Butanol safety features (anti-spill, odor removal, saturator shutter)
  • Monitoring of peak height assures highest data quality
  • Engine emissions for Euro 5 and 6 certification
  • Testing of Diesel particulate filter
  • Particle counter in dilution systems
  • High resolution concentration time series in driving cycles

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