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EQUiTEC Diurnal Incubators

Laftech supply quality laboratory equipment and products throughout Australia. EQUiTEC Diurnal Incubators manufactured in Europe, complement our range of contamination control, fume extraction, forensic and other laboratory equipment and consumables.

EQUiTEC Diurnal Incubators are customisable, reliable units and packed with earth friendly and customer driven innovations.

The Diurnal Incubator’s fluorescent lighting, or LED lighting offer extensive temperature & humidity range allowing users to simulate specialized environments for demanding applications.

EQUiTEC incubators are ideal for a wide range of applications including Tissue culture, Insect research, Accelerated age testing, Plant growth, Algae incubation to name a few.

Available in sizes from 352 Lt to 2800 Lt internal capacity, all designed to take up a minimal footprint, allowing you to most efficiently take advantage of your laboratory floor space.

Multiple optional accessories are available, allows users to cost effectively customize the unit according to your requirements and budget.

Users can select from horizontal airflow and vertical airflow, door lighting, side lighting and shelf lighting.

The 4.3” series 4000 touch screen interface allows quick and simple programming with built in data logging, trend graphing, password protection, alarms and battery backup for 48hrs.

LAF Technologies, can provide regular service agreement interval programs and preventative maintenance programs to ensure your equipment is always preforming in its optimal parameters.

Diurnal Incubator Series Features & Benefits:

  • Select from T5 Fluorescent tubes or purpose-built high energy efficient LED lights, available on all our EQUiTEC Diurnal Incubators. SYSLED BIO™ LED light fixtures offer full spectrum including UV and FR
  • Lighting is encased in waterproof fixtures, and can be optionally installed on the door, sides or shelves
  • LED light intensity can be programmed through the touch screen interface in each profile
  • EQUiTEC Diurnal Incubators offer an exceptionally wide temperature range, standard is +4°C to +50°C with an extended range from -10°C to +50°C Lights Off.
  • All EQUiTEC Diurnal Incubators are fitted with Ultra-Sonic Humidity control from 20% to 90% ± 2% in a temperature range from +20°C and +40°C
  • NiCd battery back-up for the controller profiles with incorporated charger circuit
  • Heat/Cool control outputs allows for refrigeration on demand, efficiently manages power consumption and saves electricity by delivering refrigeration on an as-needed basis only.
  • The removable interior shelves minimises downtime for cleaning
  • Tight temperature control of ±0.1°C is achieved with microprocessor-based PID controllers for excellent stability and reliable, repeatable results.
  • Access port of 40mm across the complete range makes for easy and convenient provision for cables and tubing.
  • EQUiTEC, carefully designed airflow systems offer forced air for Laminar flow style distributed in a horizontal or vertical movement.
  • The stainless-steel shelves are adjustable and perforated, making them easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion. Optional slide out drawer systems available, making it ideal for keeping samples in an ideal location with labels and easy to access.
  • EQUiTEC cabinets supplied with front lockable casters and levelling feet suitable for hard surfaces.
  • Dual temperature display allows you to simultaneously visualise set point and operating conditions for both temperature and humidity.
  • The interior is covered of 304 stainless steel as a standard feature while 316 stainless steel is optional for highly corrosive applications such as Drosophila research, or electronic circuit board etching environments.
  • Audible and visual alarms alert of a temperature deviation from set point or high limit exceeded for the most accurate test results.
  • Alarms and alerts can be sent to mobile devices, keeping users aware of any abnormalities in control conditions
  • Ethernet connectivity, allows supervisors and authorized users to access historical data, control setpoints, alarms
Air Flow VerticalHorizontalHorizontalVertical
Lights on the doorX
Lights on ShelvesXXX
Lights on the 2 sides and front doorXXX
Temperature range +4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C
Temp. control accuracy±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Temp. Homogeneity +40°C±1.5°C±1.5°C±1.5°C±1.5°C
Humidity range 20% to 90%20% to 90%20% to 90%20% to 90%
Humidity control accuracy ±3%±3%±3%±3%
Humidity sensor CapacitiveCapacitiveCapacitiveCapacitive
Humidity methodUltra-SonicUltra-SonicUltra-SonicUltra-Sonic
Inner Glass Door
Alarm output BMS contacts
Stainless Steel Shelves
Overtemperature Safety
Cable port entry 40mm
Casters with break
Internal construction304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel
External Construction Power coated SteelPower coated SteelPower coated SteelPower coated Steel
Available capacities351Lt to 2801Lt351Lt to 2801Lt351Lt to 2801Lt351Lt to 2801Lt
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