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DEHS – Aerosol Liquid for Atomizers

Di-Ethyl-Hexyl-Sebacat (DEHS) is a no soluble, colourless and odourless liquid which is suitable for producing steady aerosols. The main proportion of droplets generated by aerosol generators series ATM can to be stated in the most penetration particle size (MPPS 0.2…0.3µm). DEHS is a proven aerosol liquid for challenging clean rooms and laminar flow boxes. Also common are DOP and Emery 3004 which are also available on request. The long life time of droplets enables also to use the aerosol for stream visualisation. DEHS evaporates completely after long times. A droplet with a 0.3µm diameter has a life time of 4 hours.

Please find more specifications in the DEHS data sheet.

Available upon request with LOT-certificate (batch certificate).

  • Long aerosol life times (also at high temperatures)
  • Shperical particle
  • Minimal filter contamination becaus of smal particle sizes mainly below 1 µm
  • Generation of polydisperse aerosols with particle sizes below 1 µm for filter tests and challenging clean room equipment
  • Production of seeding particles for stream visualisation
  • Generation of monodisperse aerosols for aerosol research applications by using the condensation principle
DEHS - Aerosol Liquid for Atomizer
Molare Masse426.69 g/mol
Dynamic Viscosity0.023 Pa s
Kinematic Viscosity25.16 mm2/s
Specific Gravity914 kg/m3
Melting Point22 5 K (-48 °C)
Boiling Point485 K (212 °C)
Vapour Pressure (293K)<1 Pa
Flashing Point> 473 K (>200 °C)

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