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Lighthouse APEX R Series with Internal Pumps

Introducing the Lighthouse APEX RP series of state-of-the-art remote particle sensors with built-in vacuum pumps. Based on the same state-of-the-art technology used in Lighthouse’s world renowned APEX R series (that require an external vacuum source) comes a range of new generation optical particle sensors for particle monitoring professionals.

With a built-in vacuum pump and coming in 0.1 CFM and 1.0 CFM variations, these new generation models are suitable for a wide variety of facility and or process monitoring applications where a larger vacuum system is not needed or justified.

Some of the great features include:

  • 5 different models available
  • 0.1 CFM and 1.0 CFM models
  • Built-in vacuum pump with HEPA filtered exhaust
  • Ultra long life laser diode technology
  • 0.2um to 10um particle size range
  • 3,000 record data storage
  • Advanced self diagnostics
  • Built-in web browser (can be accessed directly via WI-FI over a network)
  • SMART port
  • Validation mode
  • Built-in alarm LED
  • 2 year warranty