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SteraMist – Surface Disinfection System

The SteraMist™ Surface Unit (HHA-101) is the world’s only fully portable hand-held decontamination system that does not require the heating ventilation or air conditioning systems to be turned off. It is the safest and easiest process to make certain that your facilities and assets are decontaminated to the maximum extent possible.

This single applicator surface unit enables decontamination of all surfaces in a hospital room – including high touch surfaces and sensitive electronic equipment.  The room is safe to enter within minutes after the activated mist has been terminated. The dwell time is seconds, allowing for short total treatment time and therefore quick room turnover.

The SteraMist™ Surface Unit is lightweight, easy to transport, and capable of achieving consistent, broad-spectrum six log decontamination.  Further, SteraMist™ is economical, non-corrosive, nonpolluting, and easy to apply.


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