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Sensedge (SE-100)

The Sensedge (SE-100) is an advanced air quality monitor with a sleek, touch screen design. It is suitable for both commercial and residential spaces. Powered by best-in-class sensors and Kaiterra’s innovative cloud-based calibration, the Sensedge provides accurate and reliable air quality readings. The air is sampled every second and data points are uploaded to the cloud in real-time to enable analysis and automation. Perfect for monitoring of CO2, Temperature, Humidity, PM2.5 and TVOC.

Each Sensedge device is individually tested, calibrated, and verified at the end of the production process and is backed by a performance certificate to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Designed to Blend In with a minimal, neutral, and unobtrusive design, the Sensedge truly blends into any environment and can be installed on any wall or ceiling to provide full coverage of your indoor environment.

Use the Kaiterra dashboard to view real-time and historical air quality readings on the Sensedge, analyse pollutant trends, compare readings across devices, and export raw data. The Kaiterra dashboard also supports a kiosk view which enables users to showcase air quality on a larger screen to promote air quality awareness and wellness initiatives.

  • Monitor and manage multiple devices
  • View real-time data and trends
  • Identify sources of pollution
  • Compare readings across devices
  • Receive notifications
  • Export historical data

Comprehensive Data Coverage Measures CO2 Temperature Humidity PM2.5 TVOC

No Calibration, No Problem Removable sensor modules for long-term accuracy with minimal maintenance. No calibration required.

Convenient Power Options Multiple power options including USB-C, 12-30V DC direct wiring, and optional PoE (Power over Ethernet) available.

Secure, Flexible, Connected Utilizing end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption, the Sensedge provides maximum security for data transfer. Supporting Wi-Fi, ethernet, RS-485, and various network configurations including corporate proxy servers and hidden SSIDs, the Sensedge is made to fit into any commercial or residential space. Both Static IP and DHCP options are available.

Powerful Automation and Control Supports BACnet, ModBus, local and cloud MQTT, and API integration to communicate with your building control and automation system. Real-time air quality data can be used to trigger events and enable automation to improve HVAC system efficiency, lower energy consumption, and save costs, while boosting indoor air quality, wellness, and comfort.

Easy to use and access Kaiterra Dashboard The Kaiterra dashboard provides real-time and historical air quality readings. Can be used to analyse pollutant trends, compare readings across devices, and export raw data.


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