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Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulator

Laftech Bio-Cabinets supply quality laboratory equipment and products throughout Australia. The CARON Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulator complements our range of contamination control, fume extraction, forensic and other laboratory equipment and consumables.

The Bio-Cabinets CARON Model 2050 is ideal for internal and external temperature control when heating and/or cooling are required. This compact, space-saving design offers consistent system performance and easy operation.

The Refrigerated & Heated Bath Circulator Model 2050 standard features include microprocessor-based PID controller, QDC fittings, stainless steel reservoir and safety alarms facilitate user-friendly operation and simple maintenance. Built-in handles provide portability and the vinyl feet ensure stable placement on your bench top.

This Bio-Cabinets refrigerated & heated bath circulator can be utilised for a variety of end-user and OEM applications, including electron microscopes, general laboratory apparatus and cooling, water-jacketed incubators, rotary evaporators, electrophoresis, spectrophotometers, enzyme and protein assays, laser cooling and more.

For more information about standard features and specifications download the Bio-Cabinets Model 2050 Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulator data sheet in the download tab.

Laftech Bio-Cabinets are the exclusive Australian distributor for Caron Laboratory Products.

You’ll be pleased to know that our associated company Laftechnologies can provide NATA accredited laboratory providing decontamination, testing, certification and back-up servicing for Bio-Cabinets and other related laboratory equipment.

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