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MBP 116 – Filter Media Test System

Performance of filter media is essentially defined by parameters such as differential pressure, gravimetric filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity. The Topas Manual Filter Media Test System MBP 116 can be applied to determine these filter parameters at flat sheet materials. This test rig has been designed as universal testing equipment. It combines a simple and robust setup with a manual and therefore cost efficient handling and operation. Because of its vertical test channel setup it is especially suitable for the testing of filter media according to ISO 5011.


  • Flow rate unit: injector pump with a set of critical nozzles to adjust different flow rates
  • Intake test air is directed through a special intake section for homogenous mixing with the test aerosol
  • Test filter holding manually operable
  • Solid aerosol generator exchangeable by different models of the Topas SAG 410 series
  • Control of the Solid Aerosol Generator integrated to the test rig
  • Test dust dispersion by using an injector nozzle
  • Suitable especially for test dusts ISO 12103-2 A2/A4
  • Reliable timesaving testing of gravimetric filter efficiency, dust holding capacity, differential pressure and fractional filtration efficiency
  • Simple operation in combination with a robust, modular design
  • Holders for test filter and backup filter separately removable, weighable without filter removal
  • Backup filter for protection of the flow rate unit in case of a filter breakthrough
  • Integrated Solid Aerosol Generator SAG 410 for feeding rates from approx. 1.5-20 g/h
  • Quality assurance of flat sheet filter media in terms of a final clearance and a receiving inspection
  • Performance testing of filter materials during research and development stage
MBP 116 - Filter Media Test System
Flow Rate1.5..18 m³/h *)
Differential Pressure Range0..5000 Pa
Test Dust FeedingSolid Aerosol Generator SAG 410 1.5-20 g/h
Open Filter Cross Section100 cm²
Diameter Test Filter125 mm
Diameter Backup Filter125 mm
Media Contacting MaterialsStainless steel, aluminum, NBR sealings
Power Supply110-230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions L x W x H650 mm x 1300 mm x 2550 mm

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