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LED Lights

SYSLED Bio™ from Europe established in 2010, have become a global leader in the manufacturing of LED Lighting systems including plant growth.

Based in Madrid Spain, the factory operates as a clean room style manufacturing process and is complimented with on-site testing laboratory, 2500sqm of indoor plant growth area, automatic SMT line and assembling facilities, and Integrated sphere for spectrum and PDD measurements.

With SYSLED Bio™ being a leading manufacturing of LED lights for plant growth, customers benefit from having lights manufactured to meet the particular application with 5 standard light assemblies to select from, so whether you’re a Hobbyist, Flower producer, Greenhouse operator, Research scientist or Seed producer Laftech & Partner SYSLED Bio™ will have a LED light assembly to meet your requirements, budget and project.

  • 1.5 gr/W or 400-450 gr/m²
  • Unbeaten performance vs HPS or MH
  • Increases yields to start vertical farming
  • Longer life span than conventional lighting systems
  • Lower power consumption
  • Passive heat dissipation, no fans required for lamp cooling suitable for dirty environments
  • Large size lamps to increase homogeneity along the surface, this decreases shadows makes studies more reliable
  • Lower stress on HAVC systems
  • 5 standard lamp fixtures for your crop
  • Easy to install
  • No decrease in light intensity or performance over the life span of the LED
  • Excellent return on investment
  • 25W to 600W output available
  • Customized spectrum ratio between 385nm to 820nm
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor application
  • LED assemblies to replace fluorescent tube configurations
  • Hi-Bay light assemblies available
  • IP65 waterproof connectors
  • Pending on light configuration can achieve 1450µmol with shadowless performance
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