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EQUiTEC Refrigerated Incubators

EQUiTEC Refrigerated Incubators allow precisely controlled conditions over a wide temperature range from -10°C to +60°C.

LAF Technologies refrigerated incubators serve a wide range of applications, such as Incubation of microbiology samples, Quality control for food and beverage, Long and short-term storage testing.

With the added optional humidity function and Series 4000 programmable controller expands the application criteria to include, Accelerated age testing, Pharmaceutical drug trial testing, Temperature cycling.

LAF Technologies is the exclusive Australian & New Zealand distributor & support partner for EQUiTEC temperature-controlled chambers.

LAF Technologies, provides regular service agreement interval programs and preventative maintenance programs to ensure your equipment is always preforming in its optimal parameters.

  • The Refrigerated Incubators offer wide temperature range of +4°C to 60°C. with an optional for -10°C to +60°C Our robust refrigeration system is reliable for years of trouble-free operation at a continuous 24/7 setpoint. An optional defrost package is available for operations with the optional -10°C fitted
  • Refrigeration on Demand, efficiently manages power consumption and saves electricity by delivering refrigeration on an as-needed basis only, contributing to lower utility bills. Units are energy efficient having up to 55mm thick insulation, low friction low noise blower motor and on demand refrigeration system, allowing the unit to operate on a standard laboratory 240V power outlet.
  • EQUiTEC carefully designed airflow system generates evenly distributed airflow vertically or Horizontally throughout the working interior.
  • The interior construction is comprised of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or polypropylene
  • Tight temperature control of ±0.1°C is achieved with microprocessor-based PID controllers featuring touch screen interface and programmability for temperature cycling.
  • Ultra-Sonic Humidity Generator is available across specific models making them ideal for accelerated age testing applications and pharmaceutical industry storage testing, General laboratory incubation.
  • Adjustable shelves are supplied as standard, optional across the range is pull out draw systems on aluminium telescopic guides, ideal for heavy loads.
  • 40mm cable port entry across the range.
  • Product safety thermostat fitted.
  • Battery supported power fail alarms.
  • Voltage free alarm outputs
  • Dual temperature display allows you to simultaneously visualise setpoint and operating conditions.
  • Datalogging on all models using the Series 4000 controller
  • Audible and visual alarms alert of a temperature deviation from setpoint or high limit exceeded for the most accurate test results.
  • Optionally fitted select from T5 Fluorescent tubes or energy efficient LED lights to cover the 380nm to 680nm wavelength.
Air Flow VerticalVerticalVerticalVertical
Graphical controller X
Humidity XX
Lights on ShelvesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Temperature range +4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C+4°C to +60°C optional -10°C
Temp. control accuracy±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Temp. Homogeneity +40°C±1.5°C±1.5°C±1.5°C±1.5°C
Humidity range XX20% to 90%20% to 90%
Humidity control accuracy XX±3%±3%
Humidity sensor XXCapacitiveCapacitive
Humidity methodXXUltra-SonicUltra-Sonic
Door Solid / Glass
Stainless Steel ShelvesXX
Overtemperature Safety
Cable port entry 40mm
Casters with breakOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Internal construction304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel304 Stainless steel
External Construction Power coated SteelPower coated SteelPower coated SteelPower coated Steel
Series 4000 graphic controllerX
Series 2500 Eurotherm controllerXXX
Available capacities145 Lt to 1345 Lt145 Lt to 1345 Lt325 Lt to 1315 Lt145 Lt to 735 Lt
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